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Annual Procurement Plan List

Annual Procurement Plans (APPs) provide information on significant procurements entities plan to undertake over the next twelve months. APPs include a concise strategic procurement outlook statement, which broadly discusses any key, major or strategic initiatives from which the entity expects procurements to arise.

Planned Procurements (PP) provide the subject matter of the procurement, the estimated financial year quarter of the approach to market (ATM), whether the procurement will potentially allow multi-entity access, and the goods and services category code (UNSPSC code). 

To follow the progress of Planned Procurements of interest add them to a Watch List by clicking the star icon on the right of the Planned Procurement notice.

IMPORTANT: All Planned Procurements are subject to revision, withdrawal or cancellation. Information about Planned Procurements is provided for planning purposes only and it does not represent a solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by the Government to purchase the described property or services.

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Agency Name Last Updated
Administrative Appeals Tribunal 19-Mar-2019 3:22 pm (ACT Local Time)
Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency 9-May-2018 8:41 am (ACT Local Time)
Attorney-General's Department 15-Dec-2020 2:12 pm (ACT Local Time)
Austrade 27-Aug-2018 4:04 pm (ACT Local Time)
Australian Aged Care Quality Agency 31-Jul-2015 4:18 pm (ACT Local Time)
Australian Building and Construction Commission 22-Jan-2016 3:31 pm (ACT Local Time)
Australian Bureau of Statistics 1-Apr-2021 9:52 am (ACT Local Time)
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 14-Dec-2020 4:04 pm (ACT Local Time)
Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity 22-May-2018 4:39 pm (ACT Local Time)
Australian Communications and Media Authority 3-Jul-2014 2:22 pm (ACT Local Time)
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 21-May-2019 10:48 am (ACT Local Time)
Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 19-Feb-2020 3:37 pm (ACT Local Time)
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 29-Jun-2015 9:55 am (ACT Local Time)
Australian Digital Health Agency 28-Sep-2020 10:37 am (ACT Local Time)
Australian Electoral Commission 12-May-2021 10:00 am (ACT Local Time)