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Planned Procurement Notification Page

This is your Planned Procurement Notification Page. Notified Planned Procurements will remain on your Planned Procurement Notification Page for fourteen (14) days. During that period you can review Planned Procurements and add selected items to your Watch List by clicking on the star at the right hand side of the Planned Procurement.  Planned Procurements not added to your Watch List during that 14 day period will be removed from your Notification Page.

Each time you log into AusTender you should visit your Watch List to see if there are any changes to selected Planned Procurements.  If a Planned Procurement in your Watch List is converted to an Approach to Market (ATM), Withdrawn, Cancelled or Archived you will be notified by email.

Planned Procurements can be viewed for twelve (12) months (4 quarters) from their Estimated Date of Approach to Market before they are archived and removed from public view.

Withdrawn Planned Procurements are archived 30 days after their withdrawal.

IMPORTANT: All Planned Procurements are subject to revision, withdrawal or cancellation.The information contained in this section of the email is provided for planning purposes only and it does not represent a solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by the Government to purchase the described property or services.

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