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Data Centre System Integrator Services

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Tim Waterhouse



Reserve Bank of Australia
80101507 - Information technology consultation services
16-Jul-2020 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender




1. Purpose of RFT

1.1. The Reserve Bank of Australia ABN 50 008 559 486 (Reserve Bank), invites Tenders for the provision of Systems Integration Services in relation to the design and implementation of a Data Bunker, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Request for Tender (RFT).

1.2. As part of its role as Australia's central bank, the Reserve Bank of Australia operates infrastructure critical to the Nation's payment systems which requires the provision of ‘continuously available’ and ‘highly available’ externally facing technology services.

1.3. In order to enhance the resiliency of these key business technology services in the event of data loss or corruption, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has determined to establish a Data Bunker to sequester certain data. This is been undertaken as recent events have highlighted the risk of prolonged outages through:

a.Extended loss of utilities or other essential services to the primary data store;

b. Data not being accessible due to corruption of the primary data store; or

c. Denial of service or other similar nefarious actions.

2. How to respond to this RFT

2.1. Tenderers are required to respond to this RFT by completing and lodging each of the Tender Schedules provided in Part 5 of this RFT, in accordance with the requirements of this RFT.

3. Overview of Requirements

3.1. The Supply required is summarised below.

a. The RBA has determined to engage a Systems Integrator to implement the Data Bunker. The Services that the Systems Integrator will provide are the subject of this RFT and include:

i. Plan: Designing the Data Bunker;

ii. Build: Implement the Data Bunker and supporting components; and

iii. Run: develop operational procedures, policies and tools, and support the RBA in operating the Data Bunker for the initial 12 months of its operation.

3.2. Detailed requirements of the Supply required by the Reserve Bank are contained in the Statement of Requirements in Part 3.



Please advise if there are any risks of delays due to Covid-19 restrictions or impact to the supply chain in the submission. Please include these responses in the relevant tender response sections where applicable.



The System Integrator tender outlines a requirement for responding organisations to provide costs for hardware and software components in addition to professional services. It should be noted however that the evaluation of the cost component of proposals will focus on the professional services for socring. The hardware/software cost component will be mainly used for two purposes during the assessment:


    To provide an estimate cost for the indicative solution that will enable us to compare the relative costs of different approaches.

    To identify cases where the SI can offer pricing could offer cost advantages over direct purchases by the Bank.


Vendors that think they may be able to offer the Bank a commercial advantage by purchasing hardware and software through them should provide a more detailed hardware/software cost breakdown to support that view.




Please also note the run duration has been amended to be 3 months, with an option to quote for an additional 9 months (3 months quotation for run costs is mandatory, the additional 9 months is optional). This has been amended to file ‘1 DBSI RFT for SI Services to Implement a Databunker RV 1.1’, and is now in Word Document format for ease of editing.



Mandatory Criteria will not be point scored, instead each response will be assessed on a ‘Yes’/’No’ basis as to whether the criterion is satisfactorily met. Assessment of ‘No’ against any criterion would eliminate the Supplier from further consideration.


Mandatory Criteria


The Tenderer exists as a legal entity at the Closing Time



Tender response received prior to the Closing Time

The Tenderer lodges the Tender, including all Tender Schedules, via AusTender on or before the Closing Time.


Tenderer's Details and Deed

Tender response included completed & signed Tenderer's Details and Deed.


Employee Entitlements

The Tenderer does not have any unpaid claims in respect of judicial decisions relating to employee entitlements.


Work Health & Safety

The Tenderer complies with all the applicable Work Health and Safety laws.


Workplace Gender Equality

The Tenderer holds a current letter of compliance (or has undertaken to provide a current letter of compliance prior to entering into any agreement) or is named in a report prepared by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency as complying with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Cth).


Entities not  listed as terrorists or subject to sanctions

The Tenderer is not one of the entities listed as terrorists or subject to sanctions.


Public Disclosure Requirements & Right of Audit

Not Applicable


Compliances with the Master Services Agreement Terms

There are no material non-compliances with the Services Agreement Terms


Certifications from both Oracle and Microsoft

The Tenderer is an Oracle Platinum partner (or has provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate an equivalent level of expertise with Oracle databases and/or can demonstrate that it is in the process of becoming an Oracle Platinum part within the next twelve months) and a Microsoft Gold partner (or has provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate an equivalent level of expertise with SQL databases in the cloud and/or can demonstrate that is in the process of becoming a Microsoft Gold partner within the next twelve months) and has attained the relevant specialisations for the delivery of a solution aligned to the Statement of Requirements.


Compliance with Statement of Requirements

The proposed solution fully addresses all of the Requirements identified as ‘Must have’ in the Statement of Requirements.


Solution Architecture Design (SAD) and Detailed Design (logical and Physical Design)

Tenderer response must be aligned to the SAD and proposed requirements of geographical distance.


Run: Operate the Solution / Build: Implement the Solution

Must meet the requirements of being able to know how to implement and run/operate the solution.





From contracted start date (approx. September 2020) until implementation completion (Q3, FY 2021).

Estimated Value (AUD):
From $400,000.00 to $1,000,000.00
Electronic lodgement only. No other forms of submission will be accepted

Contact Details

Tim Waterhouse

: 0295516192