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Master Media Agency Services for the Australian Government

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The Tender Officer

P: 02 6215 1549


Department of Finance
82100000 - Advertising
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11-Dec-2017 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart
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Request for Tender

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All Agencies
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The Commonwealth of Australia, represented by the Department of Finance, is seeking to establish a single supplier arrangement for Master Media Agency Services for the Australian Government.  The successful Tenderer will be required to: 

a. secure optimal media discounts on Commonwealth-wide media rates by consolidating Government advertising expenditure and buying power;

b. optimise media planning and placement, and apply media industry knowledge and expertise to Government advertising activities through the MMA Services;  

c. reduce Commonwealth entities’ procurement costs by having one MMA Deed and avoiding the need for entities to set up and manage their own media procurement processes;

d. drive efficiencies through the implementation of evidence based campaign and non-campaign policies, by using advertising data to inform Government’s decisions; and

e. provide advice to Government in relation to information and advertising campaigns and the performance of the MMA arrangement.

Other Instructions:

Access to the Approach to Market (ATM) documentation requires an access code. 

In order to obtain an access code from the Department of Finance, Prospective Tenderers must submit the following documents (Tender Registration Documents (available on AusTender)):

• the completed Tender Registration Form (the Prospective Tenderer’s details on this form should match those in the Deed Poll); and

• a duly executed copy of the Deed Poll (without amendments other than insertion of detail where appropriate).

The completed Tender Registration Documents must be scanned and sent via email to:

Finance will provide access to, via electronic means, the Approach to Market documentation to Prospective Tenderers that have submitted correctly completed Tender Registration Documents on the later of: 

• the date the Request for Tender and related documents are made available on AusTender; or

• a date within two (2) business days after Finance has received correctly completed Tender Registration Documents. 

Finance will accept Tender Registration Documents from the date of publication of this notice on AusTender.  Prospective Tenderers should provide these documents to Finance as soon as possible to allow sufficient time to prepare a Tender response.  Only Prospective Tenderers that comply with the registration requirements will be issued with the Request for Tender and related documents.

Conditions for Participation:

The Conditions for Participation for this RFT are:

•the Tenderer must have provided Finance with a completed Tenderer Registration Form and a duly executed Deed Poll, and received a password or access code from Finance to access the RFT on AusTender; and

•the Tenderer must be a legal entity at the Closing Time.

Timeframe for Delivery:

The Services Commencement Date of the MMA Deed is 1 July 2018

Address for Lodgement:

The completed Tender Registration Documents must be scanned and sent via email to:

Contact Details

The Tender Officer

P: 02 6215 1549