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Independent Review of the Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code 2014

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Sophie Higgins

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Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
80141500 - Market research
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26-May-2017 3:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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 The Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code 2014 (Version 1.2) (the CR Code) is a written code of practice about credit reporting made under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act). The CR Code has been registered by the Australian Information Commissioner and is a binding legislative instrument, enforceable under the Privacy Act.

Paragraph 24.3 of the CR Code states ‘the Commissioner will initiate an independent review of the operation of this CR Code within 3 years of the date of the commencement of this CR Code.’

The independent review will identify how the CR Code is operating in practice by exploring:

  • Issues arising with regard to the interaction between the CR Code and the Privacy Act 1988.

  • Significant issues or concerns about the practical operation of the CR Code.

  • Requirements in the CR Code that have not been complied with in practice (including issues of systemic non-compliance and issues arising from independent reviews commissioned by credit reporting bodies under paragraph 24.2 of the CR Code) (the ‘Review’).

    The requirement

    Applications are sought from suitable parties to undertake the following aspects of the Review:

  • Develop a consultation strategy for approval by the Customer

  • Undertake public and targeted consultation in accordance with the consultation strategy

  • Publish a report on the Customer’s website by 31 October 2017, outlining the findings from the consultation process.

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As per ATM

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31 October 2017

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Tender responses are to be submitted electronically via the AusTender website using the 'Go to Lodgement Page' on this tender notification.

Contact Details

Sophie Higgins

P: +61292849775