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Beamlines UPS Replacement Project - Australian Synchrotron

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Craig Ross

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)
26100000 - Power sources
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26-Feb-2018 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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At the Australian Synchrotron our vision is to be the catalyst for the best scientific research and innovation in Australasia.




The accelerator is an advanced third generation design. It is a succession of machines with increasingly higher energies, injecting a particle beam each time into the next accelerator, bringing the beam to energy increasingly higher. It consists of a 100 MeV linac, 100 MeV to 3 GeV booster synchrotron and the 3 GeV storage ring.




The Australian Synchrotron currently operates nine beamlines, with eight more beamlines foreseen to be constructed within the next five to ten years. The existing beamlines UPS has been planned to be replaced through a tender process, to increase electrical capacity and provide the beamlines with sufficient capacity of stable and uninterrupted power.


Conditions for Participation:


7.1.4 The Conditions for Participation are that:


a.     Tenderers must submit all Returnable Documents and/or Schedules (refer Clause 13.4).


b.    Tenderers must complete and submit Schedule 3, the Pricing Schedules separately from all other Schedules.


c.     Tenderers must confirm that they have not made any false declarations in respect of any current or past dealings with the Commonwealth, including in any tender process or in any contract for services.


d.    Tenderers must confirm that they have had no significant deficiency in the performance of any substantive requirement or obligation under any prior contract with the Commonwealth which would materially adversely affect the Tenderer’s ability to deliver the Services as detailed in this RFT.


e.     Tenderers must have the ability to acquire (prior to entering contract negotiations) the Insurances specified in “Attachment A, the Draft Contract” and/or as required by law.


f.     Tenderers must confirm that they and their subcontractors have not been named as not complying with the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act 1999 (see clause 6.3.2).


Timeframe for Delivery:

Issue Tender:24/1/2018

Closing Date Tender: 26/2/2018 @ 2:00pm

Contract Excution: 12/3/2018

Completion of Contract: July 2018

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Contact Details

Craig Ross

P: +61297173494