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Deliver the Next Generation Army capabilities (including demonstration at Army Innovation Day 2018)

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22-Aug-2018 3:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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CFS Criteria - a) Suitability b) Feasibility c) Timeliness d) Contribution to Australia's Defence industry capability. RFP Criteria - a) Suitability b) Feasibility c)Timeliness d) Contribution to Australia's Defence industry capability. e) Cost – The cost of the proposed innovation, including contract price, Defence items and any other costs to Defence. f) Organisational Capability and Capacity: i. the extent of the project management capability of the respondent, and appropriateness of any proposed or existing governance arrangements; ii. financial and corporate viability of the respondent; and iii. previous performance of the respondent in delivering similar projects or services.


The Department of Defence via the Defence Innovation Hub (Defence) is seeking innovation proposals that will assist Defence to deliver the next generation Australian Army. Defence is establishing a next generation Australian Army that is prepared for both current and future threats through a combination of concepts, organisation and technology offsets. That is, an Army that is a fully integrated component of the joint force, capable of fighting and winning through its employment of networks, systems and sensors across all domains. In delivering the next generation Army, Defence is particularly interested in innovative solutions relating to the following two innovation themes:  

Theme 1: Robotics and Autonomous systems (RAS) in the Combat Team. Armoured vehicles and dismounted combatants need to rapidly transfer and present information in a usable, cognitively manageable way to reduce risk of information overload particularly when prosecuting fleeting targets. Defence is also seeking innovative ideas to reduce human involvement in the combat team’s engagement and decision cycle using robotics and autonomous systems.

Theme 2: Disruptive effects in signature management. Protecting individual soldiers, static and mobile platforms as well as combined arms teams is critical to the success of Defence operations. Defence is seeking innovative ideas to obfuscate signatures or create uncertainty in attempts to geo-locate. 

This Call for Submissions is Stage 1 of a two-stage procurement process. Defence’s objective in this Call for Submissions is to select up to 20 respondents to participate in the Request for Proposal process (Stage 2). As part of Stage 2 assessment, respondents will be invited to display their innovations at Army Innovation Day 2018 (AID18) on 25 October 2018.  

Defence’s objective, following Stage 2, is to select a number of respondents to enter into an Innovation Contract with Defence to deliver a prototype of the technology for user trial and evaluations with the Australian Army within 12 months after AID18.  If your technology will not be ready in this timeframe, you should not respond to this Call for Submissions and may instead prefer to submit a proposal to the Priority Innovation Notice at 

Other Instructions:

Army Innovation Day 2018 (AID18) will be held on Thursday, 25 October 2018 at the Adams Auditorium, at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra ACT, Australia for a period of one day. The purpose of AID18 is for selected respondents to display and pitch their proposed innovations to assessors, Capability Managers and Defence Innovation Hub personnel. Respondents may also be able to provide clarification to assessors about their proposed innovation. The request for proposal terms (separate to these Call for Submission terms) will govern the respondents’ participation in AID18. 

AID18 is open to Defence personnel, Defence contractors (and any invited guests) and the media. Invitations will be extended to the Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Marise Payne and the Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne. Service chiefs, Defence group heads, senior Australian Defence Force officers responsible for capability development and senior officers at the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Border Force and Home Affairs may also attend.

You can make a submission to this CFS using the "Special Notice Call for Submissions Smart Form" available from the Defence Innovation Portal.

Further to Industry communications which identified a third theme, Network centric Soldier, Defence plans to release a separate Special Notice for this theme at a later date.

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Not applicable

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Conduct user trials and evaluations in relation to the proposed innovation, in Australian Army units within 12 months of AID18

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