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Modernising Health and Aged Care Payments Services Program

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4-Apr-2017 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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On 19 October 2016 the Government announced that it will replace the IT system for health, aged care and veterans’ payments, and that the Australian Government will continue to own, operate and deliver Medicare, PBS, aged care and related veterans payments into the future.

This RFI is part of broader consultation with users, providers, key health and aged care sector stakeholders, and other interested parties.

Through this RFI we are seeking to:

• identify innovative ideas and approaches to designing and delivering the Digital Payments Platform;

• gain insight into how innovation and contributions from players of varying sizes and areas of focus can be integrated into the new Digital Payments Platform;

• understand how to maximise participation in any future procurement process to ensure government makes use of information technology in as an effective way as possible, to deliver the best possible user services at the best possible cost;

• validate market capability, capacity and interest;

• understand potential industry partnering opportunities;

• understand indicative costs associated with different approaches;

• understand risks to the Commonwealth arising from different approaches, including in relation to Commonwealth capability;

• understand possible implementation timing and milestones, including how demonstrated progress could be achieved by early 2019; and

• understand how transition might be managed.

The Commonwealth intends to use Submissions to help inform the development of its requirements for the new Digital Payments Platform and future procurement strategies. 

Other Instructions:

Prior to lodging a Submission, the Respondent may request clarification from the Commonwealth about any part of the RFI or any other information provided by the Commonwealth in relation to the RFI. All enquiries or requests for clarification are required to be:

• made in writing;

• directed to the Contact Officer using the email address shown on the cover page of the RFI; and

• received by the Commonwealth no less than five Business Days before the Closing Time.

Conditions for Participation:

As per the RFI

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As per the RFI

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Submissions must be lodged electronically via AusTender at

Contact Details

RFI Contact Officer

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