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Hire of Helicopters for Kakadu National Park

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Paul Styman

P: 02 6275 9278


Director of National Parks
25131600 - Civilian and commercial rotary wing aircraft
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10-Apr-2017 5:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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KNP is seeking a service provider with relevant experience, qualifications and capabilities to work with Parks Australia and provide the following services in and adjacent to Kakadu National Park:


            1. Aerial incendiary operations;

            2. Wildfire response including bucketing;

            3. Aerial survey;

            4. Remote area access;

            5. Feral animal control (specifically through aerial shooting);

            6. Search and rescue operations;

            7. Weed management including aerial sparying;

            8. Slinging Operations and;

            9. Cultural Management.


Other Instructions:

The proposed contract will be for a period of three years from the commencement date with the option to extend the contract by two one year extension periods.



All enquiries, questions or requests for further information are to be provided in writing to the Email address listed below.


Conditions for Participation:


The respondent exists as a legal entity.


The respondent provides certificates of currency for the following insurances:


  1. Workers’ compensation and employer’s liability insurance.
  2. Public liability insurance covering all Liabilities in respect of any injury to or death of any person who is not the Contractor’s Personnel at the time of the occurrence and all Liabilities in respect of any loss, damage or destruction to property not belonging to nor in the care, custody or control of the Contractor (Note to respondents: Director of National Parks (DNP’s) policy is to require a minimum of $20 million per occurrence).
  3. Works insurance covering all loss and damage to the Contractor’s plant and equipment, for at least the replacement value of all plant and equipment used or provided for use by the Contractor (except in respect of plant and equipment owned by DNP.
  4. Aircraft hull insurance, for at least the market value of the aircraft.
  5. Liability insurance including coverage for injuries or death of aircraft crew, passengers and any other person, and in respect of loss of or damage to cargo.


If the respondent does not currently hold any of the above insurance policies, or otherwise cannot provide a certificate of currency for an insurance policy, the respondent must:


  1. explain why;
  2. state whether it undertakes to effect and maintain the insurance, and for what amount, if it is awarded the Contract (respondents may submit a quote for the insurance, noting that DNP is not responsible for any costs associated with obtaining insurance or quotes);
  3. if awarded the Contract, provide Certificates of Currency before a Contract is entered into.


Submission of a duly signed copy of the Respondent’s Declaration in Schedule 2 Response to Tender - 6. Respondents Declaration


The respondent is not, at the time the respondent submits its offer:


  1. precluded from tendering for Australian Government funded work;
  2. subject to a judicial decision against them relating to employee entitlements, not including decisions under appeal, and has not paid the claim.
Timeframe for Delivery:

The proposed contract will be for a period of three years from the commencement date with the option to extend the contract by two one year extension periods.

Address for Lodgement:
Offers must be lodged electronically via AusTender at , in accordance with the following, and the documentation on AusTender (where it is not inconsistent with the following): 1. Offers must be lodged in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or PDF format; 2. File names should be meaningful: they should incorporate the respondent's name and, if the offer comprises multiple files, should reflect the parts of the RFO they represent; 3. Files must not exceed a combined file size of 5 megabytes per upload; 4. Offers should be completely self-contained: DNP may decline to accept or consider hyperlinked or other material incorporated by reference.

Contact Details

Paul Styman

P: 02 6275 9278