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Special Notice Call For Submissions: Army Innovation Day– Novel Weapons and Novel Effects (incl demonstration)

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Department of Defence - DSRG
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13-Sep-2017 3:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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The Department of Defence (Defence) via the Defence Innovation Hub is seeking proposed innovations that will help shape Army’s approach to the challenges of novel weapons and novel effects in a combined arms team in a joint environment (Innovation Theme). Defence will conduct an initial assessment of submissions in accordance with the Call for Submissions Special Notice (CFS) Terms (the Terms) and will select up to 30 respondents to display, exhibit and demonstrate their proposed innovation at Army Innovation Day 2017 (AID17).

Following AID17, Defence will conduct a final assessment of the submission in accordance with the Terms, taking into account information gathered at AID17, and may invite one or more respondents to participate in a Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

If a proposal is successful in the RFP process, Defence will invite the successful respondent(s) to negotiate or execute an Innovation Contract. This Innovation Contract will be for the conduct of user trials and evaluations in relation to the proposed innovation, in Australian Army units within 12 months of AID17.


• Army is seeking innovation proposals that meet the Innovation Theme (as defined above) or any of the following Innovation Sub Themes:

• Novel weapons: Novel weapons that include less than lethal effects that can be applied to an individual person, group of people, vehicle (ground, aerial or watercraft), facility or system. This might also include domestic and wild animals. 

• Novel countermeasures against weapons: Novel approaches to counter weapons and effects (less than lethal) that can be applied to protect or enhance people, vehicles, facilities, systems or animals.

• Novel effects in signature management of systems including weapons, vehicles, facilities or IT systems:  Examples might include an ability to change, manage, hide or deceive the signature of an individual, group of people, vehicle, facility or system, including decoys.

• Novel effects in signature management of IT and/or cyber systems: Examples might include IT or web presence when in the field - i.e. iPhone finder of soldiers mobiles in the field, replication or decoy and/or decoy IT presence - i.e. make more soldiers appear to be using iPhones, or management of IT or cyber presence (monitor and/or reduce).

This CFS is comprised of two assessment phases - the CFS Initial Assessment and a CFS Final Assessment of submissions. 

Army Innovation Day 2017

• The purpose of AID17 is for selected proposed innovations to be displayed, exhibited and demonstrated to a panel of capability specialists and decision-makers in Defence. At AID17, respondents should be prepared to answer questions and supply supporting material to Defence to support their proposed innovation.  

• AID17 is part of the CFS assessment process and any information obtained on the day may be used by Defence in its assessment of submissions.

• Respondents invited to participate in AID17 may be provided an AID17 process document that provides further details of the AID17 process and the specific terms that govern AID17 and its related activities.


• AID17 will be held on Monday, 6 November 2017 at Adams Auditorium at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra ACT, Australia.  

Other Instructions:

You can make a submission to this CFS using the “Special Notice Call for Submissions Smart Form. This form can be accessed from the Innovation Hub Dashboard on the Innovation Portal. A submission can be made any time before the Closing Time identified above.

Please note that the guidance in the SmartForm makes a number of references to Army Innovation Day 2017 and AID17. However, the proposal you submit using this Form is subject to the Terms and the process described in the Terms. If you are invited to participate in AID17, this is only one stage of the process.

Subsequent to the publishing of this Special Notice, a formatting error was identified in the Special Notice Call For Submissions - CFS Assessment Criteria and Assessment Process. This Addendum 1 is notified on the Defence Innovation Portal and corrects the formatting issue with that document. This Addendum 1 does not change the substance of this SN CFS.  Given this, please note that the Closing Date for this Special Notice has not changed. 


Please refer to the Special Notice at for full details.

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Not applicable

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Proposed schedule is to conduct user trials and evaluations in relation to the proposed innovation, in Australian Army units within 12 months of AID17

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Director Innovation Hub Assessment & Operations

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