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Joint Health Command Garrison Facilities Upgrade Project – Head Contract (HC-1 2003)

Kristian Wheeler

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Kristian Wheeler

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Department of Defence - DSRG
72100000 - Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services
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23-Jan-2018 12:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin
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Expression of Interest

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The project aims to provide fit-for-purpose, contemporary healthcare facilities as part of a comprehensive infrastructure solution intended to address deficiencies around condition and functionality of priority Joint Health Command facilities, providing primary health and associated health care to Australian Defence Force personnel around Australia.


The works involved include construction services for a range of new build and refurbishment of existing health centre solutions.  It will include demolition of some existing health facilities. 


The typical spatial requirements for each health centre include: entry, administration, primary health care, inpatient unit (at some sites), pharmacy, mental health, physiotherapy, dental, support areas and associated external inground civil engineering, landscaping, carpark and all necessary civil remediation works. 


IMPORTANT: Applicants are asked to register interest in each site that they are interested in. The assessment and shortlisting will be undertaken on a site-by-site basis by separate assessment teams. Separate stand-alone compliant responses with complete schedules are required for each site the Applicant is responding to. Opportunities to package sites may be offered after individual site evaluation in the request for tender phase. The Commonwealth will award individual contracts for each site if this is the best value for money solution.


Separate invitations to register interest processes for the same project will be undertaken for the sites commencing construction in early 2019 and mid 2019.

The total project value is in the order of $212M for all 13 sites. Estimated Range for HC works for the sites commencing in 2018 is between $92M and $120M 

Other Instructions:


Building Code 2016


The Building Code 2016 applies.  If the Building Code 2016 applies then by lodging a Registration of Interest, the Applicant will become subject to the Building Code 2016.


Further information regarding the Building Code 2016 is provided in the ITR (including conditions of participation and minimum form and content requirements).


WHS Accreditation Scheme


The WHS Accreditation Scheme pursuant to the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act 2016 (Cth) applies.  Further information regarding the WHS Accreditation Scheme is provided in the ITR.


Indigenous Procurement Policy


The Australian Government's new Indigenous Procurement Policy took effect on 1 July 2015.  If relevant, further information regarding the Indigenous Procurement Policy is provided in the ITR.


Joint Bids


The Commonwealth does offer Applicants an opportunity to lodge a Registration of Interest on a Joint Bid Basis.  Further information regarding Joint Bids is provided in the ITR.


PWC Act 


The works described in the ITR are a "public work" and therefore subject to section 18 of the Public Works Committee Act 1969 (Cth). 

This project remains unapproved until the Parliamentary Standing Committee on public works provides expediency, currently requested in Feb 2018.



Evaluation Criteria


The evaluation criteria are described in the ITR.


Minimum Form and Content Requirements


The minimum form and content requirements are described in the ITR. 




Conditions for Participation:

To submit a conforming Registration of Interest for each site:


  • the Registration of Interest must be submitted in accordance with clause 3.1(a)(i) (including submission to the address specified in the Invitation to Register Interest by the closing time and date described in the Invitation to Register Interest);
  • the Registration of Interest must satisfy each minimum form and content requirement in clause 3.1(a)(ii); and
  • the Applicant must satisfy each condition for participation in clause 3.1(a)(iii),  

of the ITR.  The evaluation criteria are described in clause 2 of the ITR. 



Timeframe for Delivery:


At the time of issuing the ITR: 


The construction phase services are anticipated to commence in May-June 2018. More information on the program for each site is contained in the Invitation to Register Interest.


Estimated Value (AUD):
From $98,000,000.00 to $120,000,000.00
Address for Lodgement:

The Registration of Interest must be submitted in the tender box located at: Defence Mail Services Queanbeyan Annex 6 14-22 Wycombe Street QUEANBEYAN NSW 2620; and

by 12:00 noon (local time at the location of the tender box) on 18 Jan-2018 (or such later date as is notified to the Applicant in any addenda to the ITR published on AusTender).

Kristian Wheeler

P: 0407 990 299

M: 0407 990 299

F: 03 9975 3444


Document(s) Contact Name:
Kristian Wheeler

Document(s) Contact Phone:
0407 990 299

Document(s) Contact Email: