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A new AusTender public website will be deployed between 5.30pm Friday 29 July and 9.00am Monday 1 August 2016.  During this time AusTender will be unavailable.

Further information about the new interface can be found on the AusTender Homepage.


Annual Procurement Plan List

Agencies are required to publish an Annual Procurement Plan (APP) on AusTender. An APP is a statement of an agency’s significant Planned Procurements. It consists of a short strategic procurement outlook for the agency, supported by details on planned strategic and major procurements.

For Planned Procurements converted to an open Approach to Market (ATM), information on obtaining request documents is specified on individual ATM notices on AusTender.

Planned Procurements can be viewed for twelve (12) months (4 quarters) from their Estimated Date of Approach to Market before they are archived and removed from public view.

Withdrawn Planned Procurements are archived 30 days after their withdrawal.

IMPORTANT: All Planned Procurements are subject to revision, withdrawal or cancellation. Information about Planned Procurements is provided for planning purposes only and it does not represent a solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by the Government to purchase the described property or services.

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Keyword searching is on agency name, planned procurement reference, description and category

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