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Closed ATM View - TA15019/2018

Event Management Services for Dreamtime 2019

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Nadia Barletta

+61 2 9361 1202


Tourism Australia
80141607 - Events management
5-Nov-2018 12:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender



Business Events Australia is the business unit within Tourism Australia responsible for promoting the country for association conferences, incentives, meetings and exhibitions.

Business Events Australia promotes Australia as a business events destination through its global trade and marketing communications programs and has representation in Sydney and the key markets of Greater China, New Zealand, North America and the United Kingdom/Europe.
For further information, please visit:

Background information on Dreamtime
- Dreamtime is Tourism Australia’s signature incentive showcase for Australia. It provides a business, educational and social environment for Australian sellers (the Australian business events industry) to meet with qualified international buyers of corporate meeting and incentive programs (agents). In addition, Dreamtime also hosts international business events media, with the intent of delivering editorial coverage of Australia’s business events products, destinations, and experiences.

Through the Dreamtime program, international incentive agents will experience first-hand the professionalism, creativity, innovation and event delivery capabilities of Australia’s incentive destinations, operators, suppliers and event management companies. Dreamtime is held every two years and historically attracts more than 100 international incentive buyers and 20 media.

Dreamtime positions Australia as the ultimate incentive destination.

The objectives of Dreamtime 2019 are to:
a) Bring qualified incentive agents, (known as ‘buyers’) from key markets of UK/Europe, USA/Canada, South East Asia (Singapore, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia), Greater China (Hong Kong and China), Japan and New Zealand to meet with Australian business events product (sellers) and to experience first-hand the outstanding incentive products/services on offer
b) Increase awareness and preference for Australia as an incentive destination
c) Demonstrate event delivery capabilities to international buyers and media
d) Deliver publicity and editorial content about Australia; and
e) Generate incentive business for Australia

Scope of Requirements
- The specific elements of Dreamtime 2019 that should be addressed are highlighted in the table at clause 9.2.5 of the attached RFT. The RFT responses should address these two event components (Dreamtime Business Session and Dreamtime Dinner) directly. Other components will be managed by Tourism Australia and its event partners such as Perth Convention Bureau (Perth Convention Bureau = PCB): however, should its involvement be required, this will be discussed once the service provider is appointed.

The Dreamtime Business Session must deliver a creative solution to maximising the opportunity for networking and conducting business meetings between Australian industry, sellers and buyers.

The Dreamtime Dinner must showcase the highest levels of innovation, creativity, event delivery and service, in order to deliver the key message – There’s Nothing Like Australia for Business Events.

Tourism Australia requires the following services including all operations and logistics in delivery of the outlined events specific to:
• Creative concepts
• Events Management services, including onsite management
• Budgeting and cost management
• Risk management
• Added value


Tenders will be evaluated in accordance with the evaluation process outlined in the RFT attachment, clause 7 of Part C (Tender Evaluation).

Tourism Australia proposes to engage the successful Tenderer to provide the Services in accordance with the Draft Contract set out in Attachment 3.


Tourism Australia will hold a webinar session for Tenderers, as follows:
Date: 12 October 2018
Time: 2.00pm to 3.00pm

Tenderers that are interested in attending this session, must register their interest via email. Tourism Australia will provide you with the dial in number for this session, following receipt of your email.

Please register your interest at:
By latest: 12noon on 11 October 2018


1. Acknowledgment of RFT Process

Having read the Request for Tender documentation, the Tenderer must acknowledge its understanding and acceptance of the RFT process. That process includes the timetable and summary of requirements in Part A, the conditions and process for submission by the tenderer in Part B including the requirements to familiarise themselves with each of the conditions and applicable Commonwealth policy requirements set out in Part B, the basis of evaluation of the tender submitted in Part C, the additional requirements to be met as set out in Part D and the conditions for participation in Part E.

2. Standing offer

The terms of supply on which the Tenderer’s submission is provided to Tourism Australia in this document will remain consistently the same for at least 120 days from the Closing Time specified in Part A.

3. Financial Solvency Checks

The Tenderer should be financially solvent (and in the case of individuals) should not be bankrupt.

4. Employee Entitlements and work health and safety

The Tenderer must not have had a judicial decision made against them relating to employee entitlements and of which they are not satisfying any resulting order from that decision. 

The Tenderer must not have any unsettled orders resulting from any decision made against them pursuant to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, regarding failure to protect health and safety of its workers. 

The Tenderer agrees to comply with applicable health and safety legislation at all times, and all applicable policies, or programs that Tourism Australia may inform the Tenderer of and require the Tenderer to comply with, at any time.

5. Workplace Gender Equality

The Tenderer and any subcontractor entity proposed in the RFT must not have been listed as a noncomplying entity by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency as a result of having failed to comply with the yearly requirement to report on gender equality pursuant to the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012.
It is a Condition of Participation of this RFT process that Tourism Australia will check this list and not enter into a contract with a person or organisation that happens to appear.

6. Entities listed as terrorists or subject to sanctions

The Tenderer’s attention is drawn to the list of individuals and entities maintained by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that are  associated with terrorist acts implemented pursuant to United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution 1373 (2001). It also includes those individuals and entities that are subject to targeted financial sanctions or travel bans under Australian sanctions laws to which the Charter of the United Nations Act 1945 and the Autonomous Sanctions Act 2011 currently applies. This list is the ‘Consolidated List’ and can be found at

It is a Condition of Participation of this RQT process that Tourism Australia will check this list and not enter into a contract with a person or organisation that happens to appear.   This extends to any subcontractor listed in section 2 of this document
Please note that Tourism Australia will not enter into a contract with a person or organisation listed as a  terrorist organisation pursuant to the Criminal Code Act 1995 and of which is published at

It is a Condition of Participation of this RFT process that Tourism Australia will check this list and not enter into a contract with a person or organisation that happens to appear.   This extends to any subcontractor listed in section 2 of this document

7. Public Disclosure Requirements and right of Audit

The Tenderer’s attention is drawn to the public disclosure requirements of the Commonwealth set out in Part B of the Request for Tender documentation allowing Tourism Australia with the right to disclose details about the procurement process (including the names of the Tenderer and the subcontractors) and the right of the Auditor General to access and audit the Tenderer’s information, documents and records including that of their subcontractor entities. 

The Tenderer must acknowledge and comply with these requirements as well as indicate that their subcontractors are aware and also willing to comply with them.

8. Fraud and Corruption

The Tenderer must be willing to co-operate (and ensure their subcontractors co-operate) with Tourism Australia’s public accountability requirements under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (PGPA) Act 2013. Tourism Australia is committed to minimising the likelihood and impact of any conduct that may be in breach of this Act. 

The Tenderer must also be willing to familiarise itself and comply with Tourism Australia’s Fraud and Corruption Policy, its Code of Conduct and its Public Interest Disclosure policy (documents that are available on TA’s website or on request by the Tenderer).

9. Prior Contract deficiencies

If there has been a significant deficiency in the Tenderer's performance of a substantive requirement or obligation under a prior contract with Tourism Australia (and of which was not resolved or amended by the Tenderer) then the Tenderer may potentially be excluded from this process.

10. False declarations

If it becomes apparent during the tendering process that the Tenderer’s response documentation contains a false declaration then the Tenderer should be excluded.

11. Conflict of Interests

There must be no conflict of interest existing, or one that is likely to arise, or that would be perceived to have arisen, which would affect the performance of the tenderer’s obligations if they were to enter into a contract with Tourism Australia.


12. Insurance
Public Liability Insurance $10 million
Workers Compensation Insurance.  Amount as required by Law
If successful, all insurance must note Tourism Australia as an interested party to the policy


The proposed contract term is: 17 December 2018 to 31 January 2020.

The contract will not provide for an option to extend the term.

Tenders must be lodged electronically via AusTender at before the Tender Closing Time and in accordance with the procedures set out in the attached RFT. Tenders must not be lodged by any other means, including by post, facsimile or email.

Contact Details

Nadia Barletta

: +61 2 9361 1202