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Closed ATM View - TACE13369/2018

Expression of Interest - Provision of Brand and Creative Services

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Nadia Barletta or Bikram Punia

+ 61 (2) 9361 1202


Tourism Australia
80140000 - Marketing and distribution
7-May-2018 10:00 am (ACT Local Time)
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ACT, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, QLD, NT, TAS, Overseas
Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart
Expression of Interest



Tourism Australia is looking to partner with a Brand & Creative Agency partner to help evolve its brand strategy and creative direction, including being open to review the current long-standing ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’ platform.

The key objective of the partnership would be to develop a compelling and differentiated brand positioning to attract high value travellers and a robust creative platform from which engaging global and local/regional campaigns can be developed. The creative platform will also serve to galvanise the tourism industry in Australia and inspire better marketing opportunities and creative solutions with our airline and distribution partners.

The successful Brand & Creative Agency will understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in the tourism category, specifically that there tends to be a distinct lack of variety in travel marketing communications. The ideal agency partner will be able to identify what has worked well for Australia (and the category) and why, as well as when and how to innovate to ensure a unique and differentiated brand and message that sets Australia apart. As a brand that represents the national character of Australia to much of the world, it is important that an agency partner has a demonstrated understanding and affinity for contemporary Australia, it’s people and culture as much as understanding and insight into the target audience of High Value Travellers in key markets.

Given the complexities of Tourism Australia's global footprint, one of its objectives will be to partner with a Brand & Creative Agency that can provide a tailored global agency operating model that represents an innovative and efficient approach to managing the account, developing insightful strategies, and impactful creative that can be produced efficiently and to a high degree of quality across all of our markets, specifically our core market “hubs” of China, UK, US and South East Asia. Changes in the global creative industry in recent years has opened up a wider array of client/agency partnership models, and Tourism Australia is keen to explore new and mutually beneficial ways of working together.

The Expression of Interest will inform the specific requirements of the potential Request for Tender and we are seeking information from prospective agencies that will help inform Tourism Australia’s approach to communications for the foreseeable future.

In Summary:

1.1.1     Tourism Australia is seeking Submissions in response to a pre-qualifying Expression of Interest (EOI) to identify appropriate Brand & Creative Agencies to participate in a potential subsequent Request for Tender (“RFT”) process.

1.1.2     Specifically, the objective of the EOI process will be to provide Tourism Australia with the necessary company, product and service information in order to pre-qualify suitable Brand and Creative Services vendors to progress to a potential Request for Tender (“RFT”) process that best integrates with Tourism Australia’s strategic business objectives and priorities.



Mandatory Conditions are the minimum conditions that Respondents must meet in order for their EOI response to be considered by Tourism Australia.

Respondents must satisfy the following Mandatory Conditions, to the extent that it applies in your jurisdiction:

Acknowledgment of EOI Process

Having read the Request for Response documentation, the Respondent must acknowledge its understanding and acceptance of the EOI process. That process includes the timetable and summary of requirements in Part A, the conditions and process for submission by the Respondent in Part B including the requirements to familiarise themselves with each of the conditions and applicable Commonwealth policy requirements set out in Part B, the basis of evaluation of the Response submitted in Part C, the additional requirements to be met as set out in Part D and the conditions for participation in Part E.

Standing offer

The terms of supply on which the Respondent’s submission is provided to Tourism Australia in this document will remain consistently the same for at least 120 days from the Closing Time specified in Part A.

Financial Solvency Checks

The Respondent should be financially solvent (and in the case of individuals) should not be bankrupt.

Employee Entitlements and work health and safety

The Respondent must not have had a judicial decision made against them relating to employee entitlements and of which they are not satisfying any resulting order from that decision. 

The Respondent must not have any unsettled orders resulting from any decision made against them pursuant to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, regarding failure to protect health and safety of its workers. 

The Respondent agrees to comply with applicable health and safety legislation at all times, and all applicable policies, or programs that Tourism Australia may inform the Respondent of and require the Respondent to comply with, at any time.

Workplace Gender Equality

The Respondent and any subcontractor entity proposed in the EOI must not have been listed as a noncomplying entity by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency as a result of having failed to comply with the yearly requirement to report on gender equality pursuant to the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012.

It is a Condition of Participation of this EOI process that Tourism Australia will check this list and not enter into a contract with a person or organisation that happens to appear.

Entities listed as terrorists or subject to sanctions

The Respondent’s attention is drawn to the list of individuals and entities maintained by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that are  associated with terrorist acts implemented pursuant to United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution 1373 (2001). It also includes those individuals and entities that are subject to targeted financial sanctions or travel bans under Australian sanctions laws to which the Charter of the United Nations Act 1945 and the Autonomous Sanctions Act 2011 currently applies. This list is the ‘Consolidated List’ and can be found at

It is a Condition of Participation of this RQT process that Tourism Australia will check this list and not enter into a contract with a person or organisation that happens to appear.   This extends to any subcontractor listed in section 2 of this document.

Please note that Tourism Australia will not enter into a contract with a person or organisation listed as a terrorist organisation pursuant to the Criminal Code Act 1995 and of which is published at

It is a Condition of Participation of this EOI process that Tourism Australia will check this list and not enter into a contract with a person or organisation that happens to appear.   This extends to any subcontractor listed in section 2 of this document.

Public Disclosure Requirements and right of Audit

The Respondent’s attention is drawn to the public disclosure requirements of the Commonwealth set out in Part B of the Request for Response documentation allowing Tourism Australia with the right to disclose details about the procurement process (including the names of the Respondent and the subcontractors) and the right of the Auditor General to access and audit the Respondent’s information, documents and records including that of their subcontractor entities. 

The Respondent must acknowledge and comply with these requirements as well as indicate that their subcontractors are aware and also willing to comply with them.

Fraud and Corruption

The Respondent must be willing to co-operate (and ensure their subcontractors co-operate) with Tourism Australia’s public accountability requirements under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (PGPA) Act 2013. Tourism Australia is committed to minimising the likelihood and impact of any conduct that may be in breach of this Act. 

The Respondent must also be willing to familiarise itself and comply with Tourism Australia’s Fraud and Corruption Policy, its Code of Conduct and its Public Interest Disclosure policy (documents that are available on TA’s website or on request by the Respondent).

Prior Contract deficiencies

If there has been a significant deficiency in the Respondent's performance of a substantive requirement or obligation under a prior contract with Tourism Australia (and of which was not resolved or amended by the Respondent) then the Respondent may potentially be excluded from this process.

False declarations

If it becomes apparent during the EOI process that the Respondent’s response documentation contains a false declaration, then the Respondent should be excluded.

Conflict of Interests

There must be no conflict of interest existing, or one that is likely to arise, or that would be perceived to have arisen, which would affect the performance of the Respondent’s obligations if they were to enter into a contract with Tourism Australia.

Minimum Participation Conditions

Respondents must satisfy the following Minimum Participation Conditions, to a level required by Tourism Australia, for a Respondent's submission to be considered further. Tourism Australia reserves the right to ask clarification questions, in order to ascertain whether these core requirements have been met.

Potential Conflict of Interest – Respondents will disclose any official alignment, paid or unpaid work undertaken in last 24 months or future work to be undertaken for any of the below National Tourism Organisations (NTO) or Destinations specifically:

New Zealand, USA (or any States within USA – for example Hawaii, California), United Kingdom, Japan, France, Spain, Dubai, UAE, South Africa and Thailand.

Market Specific Operations and Servicing – The respondent must be able to demonstrate adequately how they will service and lead Tourism Australia’s business in line with priority markets below. This may be a combination of centralised services and/or local offices:


•United States

•United Kingdom



Please indicate for each market how the respondent intends to service the account, taking into account core agency services including account management, advertising production, strategic planning, provision of materials to media, creative localisation, translation services and other such services as required.

As China is a high priority market for us, ideally the respondent will be able to provide these services locally. If you have examples of your experience servicing an international client in China, please ensure they are included in your response.

Global Perspective – The respondent should have experience successfully leading strategy and creative development for global brands with integrated campaigns running in international markets; particularly in Tourism Australia’s priority markets of US, UK, Singapore (representing wider Southeast Asia) and China.

Please clearly state your role in the campaign and the countries/regions in which the specific campaigns were implemented.

Australian Connection – Having a deep understanding of Australia, the Australian brand personality and cultural character are essential requirements for respondents.

Please ensure you demonstrate your depth of understanding of these core requirements – both in terms of campaigns created and key personnel who would be involved in the Tourism Australia account.

 This may be demonstrated via any of the following:

1.Leadership with a deep understanding of, or direct experience relating to, Australia within the broader agency. Please indicate role and name by office.

2.Reasonable senior Australian representation in strategy and creative departments, please indicate by/office or recommended service model outlined above

3.Examples of work done for iconic Australian brands




Expression of interest only.

Possible RFT shortlist notification 13 June 2018 to immediately progress to a RFT process.

Responses must be lodged electronically via AusTender at before the Response Closing Time and in accordance with the procedures set out in this EOI. Responses must not be lodged by any other means, including by post, facsimile or email.

Contact Details

Nadia Barletta or Bikram Punia

: + 61 (2) 9361 1202