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Standing Offer Notice View - SON3796665

GovERP Complementary (Edge) Capabilities Panel

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Edge Panel

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Services Australia
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43230000 - Software
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10-Jun-2021 to 9-Jun-2024
GovERP Complementary (Edge) Capabilities Panel

The Australian Government Shared Services Program aims to consolidate, standardise and automate the delivery of core transactional corporate services across non-corporate Commonwealth entities (NCCEs), and corporate Commonwealth entities (CCEs) who choose to opt-in to Shared Services arrangements. 

The GovERP platform will deliver the common ICT systems.  The core is being built on a SAP S/4HANA ERP (GovERP) platform. The core will include financial management, human resource management, procurement and contracting capabilities. It will be supplemented by a number of complementary (edge) capabilities. 

The GovERP Complementary (Edge) Capabilities panel has been established to provide a panel of suitably qualified suppliers that can be used by shared services provider hubs to offer functionality to client entities that have on-boarded to the GovERP platform. However, all Australian Government NCCEs and CCEs are able to access this panel. 

Entities participating in shared services arrangements can access these suppliers for edge functionality prior to onboarding to GovERP, providing use is consistent with the Policy on Access to Shared Services Edge Capability Panel (the Policy).  


All entities seeking to use this panel are required to:

  • inform Services Australia before approaching suppliers under this deed; and
  • seek Services Australia’s written approval of that proposed contract, variation or extension, before entering into a proposed contract, varying an existing contract, or extending the term of an existing contract under this deed. 

Subject to the conditions above, before entering into a contract for the supply of services to an agency, the contractor must give Services Australia at least 20 business days’ notice that the agency has approached the contractor directly for the provision of the Services. 

Contact for more information.


Adding new supplier = Workday Australia Pty Ltd


Update to panel description to include additional instructions for Commonwealth entities wishing to use this panel. 

Adding SAP Australia Pty Ltd to the panel. 


add supplier details


Include additional ATM Id


Added supplier incorrectly. Supplier details removed


Updated as per SON owner instructions


add supplier to panel

Procurement Method:
Open tender
FIN/003/20 SST-025 / FIN/012/20 SST-079
Multi Agency Access:
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All Agencies
Panel Arrangement:
Agency Reference ID:
FIN/003/20 SST-025 / FIN/012/20 SST-079
Supplier Name ABN State Postcode
Capgemini Australia Pty Ltd 11 092 284 314 ACT 2601
Ernst & Young 75 288 172 749 ACT 2601
Expense8 Pty Limited 64 052 851 359 NSW 2000
SAP Australia Pty Ltd 26 003 682 504 ACT 2600
Workday Australia Pty Ltd 75 154 840 507 NSW 2060
xAmplify Services Pty Ltd 74 632 045 080 ACT 2609

All agencies may participate in this Standing Offer.

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Edge Panel

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