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Hydraulic Lift Modernisation

Contact Details

David Gubbels, Facilities Manager

0429 394 417


Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
72100000 - Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services
18-Dec-2019 12:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender




The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is an Australian Government statutory agency charged under the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Act 1998 with responsibility for protecting the health & safety of people and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation.

ARPANSA is seeking tenders from elevator engineering and services companies to submit a tender to carry out the modernisation of 2 separate goods lifts at 619 Lower Plenty Road, Yallambie, Vic 3085. This is the Yallambie ARPANSA site.

The Yallambie building occupies approximately 8,234 square metres of office and laboratory accommodation.



The requirement is to complete the refurbishment of Lift 2 & 3 which are 45 year old ‘Gwillim & Charlton’ hydraulic goods lifts.

3 specific tender pricing responses must be completed as follows:
1) Lift 2 only
2) Lift 3 only
3) Lift 2 & 3 concurrently where both lifts are approved for the same vendor to identify discount benefits.

Note: A separate contingency assumption to be included for each of the 3 tender pricing responses, for door replacement and associated allowance for licenced asbestos removalist and air monitoring to remove known asbestos (refer ARPANSA Asbestos register – Lift summary)  if asbestos testing of landing doors is identified as a requirement.

The following is the scope of works which the tender response must address in full.
• Upgrade of the hydraulic operating equipment including but not limited to:
o Hydraulic power unit
o Integrated control and drive system
o New controller
o Encoder & complete shaft information system
o New hydraulic oil
o Car top inspection unit including:
• Car top emergency light (shaft lighting min. 20 lux and 50 lux in working area)
o car top guide rail (min. height 900mm)
o toe board with height of 100mm on outer edge of car roof (left, rear & right sides)  
o installation of inspection switch on TOC as well as additional stop switch

• Door upgrade including:
o Replacement of current door operating system
o Replacement of existing landing door operating system with interface to the lift control system
o Replacement of existing landing door operating equipment
o Supply and installation of new opening landing door headers
o Supply & installation of new door closers to new landing equipment
o Install full height light barrier in the door
o Installation of unlocking devices to all landing doors to comply with code requirements
o Supply and installation of access devices on landing door panels
o Supply & installation of pit egress devices
o Remove all redundant equipment and associated rubbish from site
o Tuning and testing
Note: Lift 2 rear doors no longer used, therefore not requiring upgrade

• Supply and installation of upgrades and additional works required as follows:
o Require security reader for Lift 3 to be moved into the lift car to prevent unauthorised access
o Supply & install new main car operating panel with linished stainless steel, voice, dual illuminating buttons, handsfree phone unit, new keyswitches (incl. hazardous goods), new position indicator display panel and statutory engravings
o Supply & install new landing operating panels incl. DDA compliant dual illuminating buttons, position displays, hazardous goods keyswitch and fire notice engravings
o Supply and install detachable compliant handrails on either side of the elevator cabin
o pit & TOC refuge signage
o lock-off provisions for main circuits, power & light circuit breakers
o a permanently installed clip for Lock Out Tag Out lock
o ECLB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) for lighting power to protect leakage current
o pit ladder
o allowance for hazardous goods software in controller
o allowance for licenced asbestos removalist and air monitoring to remove known asbestos (refer ARPANSA Asbestos register – Lift summary)

• Car interior works as follows:
o Remove existing flooring
o Supply and installation of the following:
o New vinyl flooring
o New emergency light for car lighting
o LED lighting with light diffusers
o Stainless steel panelling over timber at waist height

• Provide detail on any identifiable energy efficiency benefits

• Provide information on the following to aid in tender assessment:
o Parts availability timelines for ongoing maintenance
o Local support

• Electrical compliance certification to be supplied as part of the tender response

• All insurance certificates to be supplied with tender response

• As built Drawings/ Schematics, commissioning reports and manuals to be provided both in hard and soft copy upon completion of project

• Hours of work are 0700-1700 Monday to Friday

• Noisy works to be carried out prior to 0900 to ensure no business impact

• If weekend access is required to ensure no business impact due to excessive noise or power interruptions for either build or installation, please detail same in the quote. This will ensure required installation works and commissioning can occur with no interruption during normal operational work days

The successful tenderer to confirm all quoted works comply with the current Australian & European Standards, and will pass a hazard and risk audit:
• AS:1735 Australian Standards - Lifts, Escalators and Moving Walks
• ISO/TS:14798 Lifts, Escalators and Passenger Conveyors, Risk Analysis Methodology
• EN:81-80 Existing lifts - Rules for the improvement of safety of existing passenger and goods passenger lifts
• EN:81-1 Code for Electric Lifts
• EN:81-2 Code for Hydraulic Lifts
• Code of Practice for Plant
• Occupational Health and Safety (Plant) regulation
• AEA National Code of Practice for Existing Lifts & Escalators
Where the tender complies to a standard other than those mentioned above, please provide the relevant references
• The successful tenderer must supply a current clean, valid National Police Certificate for all resources working on their behalf. Currency requires the issue date to be within 2 years of the expected project completion

Participants to refer to Appendix A - ARPANSA Yallambie Response template.  All information and costs are to be input in table format.

The contract is for a period commencing 11th February, 2020.


Commencing 11th Feb, 2020 with final commissioning and handover 25th September, 2020.


Contact Details

David Gubbels, Facilities Manager

: 0429 394 417