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Closed ATM View - SPC-7311

Mergers and Acquisitions

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Christine George


Australian Taxation Office
83120000 - Information services
3-Jun-2022 5:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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The ATO is seeking quotes for two separate information requirements (Part One and Part Two). Suppliers may submit a response for one or both Parts. Each Part will be considered individually. 

Part One

This process is an Approach to Market to procure predictive intelligence services that includes, but are not limited to:

  • the provision of forward looking intelligence on private and public/multinational businesses, looking at possible M&A and Capital Raising activity
  • comprehensive media aggregation that identifies and catalogues M&A transactions in real time
  • details of market transactions in the Australian market, involving private and public large and SME businesses that are local and international entities, including advisors involved, nature of acquisition/disposal, $ value of transaction, deal size and level of restructuring events occurring
  • real-time coverage of live Equity Capital Market (ECM) events, quality information on ECM deals and data, and access to ECM content from global information sources
  • intelligence regarding the entities that have been purchased by Private Equity (PE) to provide an understanding of the current portfolio assets of PE houses globally and any exits, including the type of exit relating to transactions that may have tax consequences in Australia
  • domestic and global intelligence on in-progress or recently completed transactions
  • current and historical data intelligence on all aspects of private and public/multinational M&A (i.e. mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, IPOs and demergers/spinoffs, flip up/top-hat activity)
  • financials/multiples for comparable analysis
  • Asia Pacific content sets
  • information/details relating to advisory/buy/sell opportunities
  • industry trends and forecasts
  • ability for users to self-serve
  • unlimited users/downloads.

The types of information required includes, but is not limited to:

  • public, international and/or private businesses
  • top deal makers, deal types and deal values
  • specific entities or entities within specific respective industries
  • sale/purchase of entities and those linked to overseas entities
  • infrastructure-related news such as agriculture, energy, transportation, telecommunications etc
  • local and international acquisition/disposals mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, IPOs and demergers/spinoffs, flip up/top-hat activity
  • mergers, acquisitions, etc., that have occurred across various industries, such as energy and resources
  • ASX public listed companies’ capital raisings, mergers and acquisitions activity
  • M&A reports on domestic and international large and SME businesses
  • historic domestic and international business disposal and acquisition
  • intelligence, research and analysis on asset sales, market entries and exits, private equity, debt restructuring, M&As, intellectual property
  • niche insight and transactions records
  • current and imminent transactions.

Part two

The ATO may be interested in obtaining data as an integrated mass transfer of a dataset that can be incorporated into the ATO data warehouse to enable data matching to occur with that currently within the ATO’s data warehouse in relation to deal activity for public, international and private businesses populations.

 The information would contain specific identifiers for the entities that are reported on. For example:

  • the parties to the transaction with unique and common identifiers, such as:

 For individuals 

    • Surname or family name
    • First given name
    • Other given names or initials
    • Date of Birth
    • Address details
    • Director Identification Number

 For non-individual entities (i.e. companies, partnerships, trusts, other organisations) 

    • Business name or trading name
    • Australian Business Number or Australian Company Number (ACN) if present
    • Address details


  • some basic information about the transaction itself (eg. deal type, dollar value).

Ideally, the mass transfer would be conducted via an open access system that allows the ATO to automatically access and replicate the supplier’s data into the ATO Data Warehouse. This would enable data matching to occur and the data to be made available to ATO staff via the ATO Data Warehouse.  Supplier suggested approaches to the provision of the datasets will be considered.

The ATO will need to conduct additional security checks for suppliers who respond to Part Two.


It is a Condition for Participation that a Tenderer (and each subcontractor that Tenderer identifies in its Tender) must – if it’s an organisation to which the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Cth) applies – comply with that Act. 

For the purposes of this Condition of Participation, a Tenderer (or a subcontractor identified in its Tender) will be taken not to comply with that Act if:

  • that Tenderer or subcontractor (as the case may be) is named in the list of Non-Compliant Organisations published by the
  • the named Tenderer fails to submit, with its Tender and by the Closing Time, a letter from the Director WGEA

It is a Condition for Participation that a Tenderer (and each subcontractor that Tenderer identifies in its Tender) must not be named in the Consolidated list referred to in Regulation 40 the Charter of United Nations (Dealing with Assets) Regulations 2008 (Cth).

It is a Condition for Participation that a Tenderer (and each subcontractor that Tenderer identifies in its Tender) must not have any unpaid claims in respect of judicial decisions (other than decisions subject to appeal) made against it relating to employee entitlements. 


The "Initial Contract Period" would commence on 1 September and continue for the Initial Contract Period of three years, ending on 31 August 2025.


Austender at in accordance with the instruction in the request documentation

Contact Details

Christine George