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EST02009 and EST06158 RAAF Darwin Refresh Program – Request for Tender – Managing Contractor (MC-1 2021)

Contact Details

Mr Chris Snape – Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd


Department of Defence - DSRG
72100000 - Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services
14-Apr-2022 12:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender



The services include the design and planning and, subject to Defence, Government and Parliamentary approvals, the construction of the Program infrastructure and facilities. The Program comprises two separately funded projects:

  • EST02009 RAAF Base Darwin Mid Term Refresh
  • EST06158 RAAF Base Darwin Advanced Capabilities Facility.

The initial Contract phase services include design and related services including cost estimation and construction programming in respect of:

  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Access
  • Potable and Fire Water Systems
  • Stormwater and Drainage Systems
  • Sewerage Systems
  • Secure Briefing Facility.

The project 5% Master Planning and Feasibility Report for the EST02009 RAAF Base Darwin Mid Term Refresh has been completed.

The initial Contract Phase services include:

  • Site survey, Geotechnical, and Environmental investigations
  • Site investigations to verify current conditions and reduce design, construction and operational risks
  • Environmental, Heritage and Contamination professional services
  • 30% Concept Design Report services, including site selection approval
  • Support to Defence, Government and Parliamentary Approvals
  • 50% Schematic Design Report services
  • 90% Detailed Design Report services.

The Project scope may be expanded to suit emerging requirements.  


Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement

The Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement is available by clicking on "ATM Documents".

Tenderers are required to download, complete, duly execute and return the Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement by email to the Contact Officer.

Note: On receipt of a correctly completed and executed Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement the Tender Administrator shall issue the Tender Documents via email.

Confidential Information

The Tender Documents contain Confidential Information. Further information regarding the Tenderer's obligations in respect of Confidential Information is set out in the Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement and the Tender Documents.

Industry Briefing

An industry briefing will be conducted on 16 March 2022 in Darwin.

Details of the industry briefing will be provided to interested parties on receipt of Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreements.

Building Code 2016

The Building Code 2016 applies. If the Building Code 2016 applies then by lodging a Tender, the Tenderer will become subject to the Building Code 2016.

WHS Accreditation Scheme

The WHS Accreditation Scheme pursuant to the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act 2016 (Cth) applies.  Further information regarding the WHS Accreditation Scheme is provided in the Tender Documents.

Indigenous Procurement Policy

The Australian Government's new Indigenous Procurement Policy took effect on 1 July 2015.  Further information regarding the Indigenous Procurement Policy is provided in the Tender Documents (including, if it applies potential minimum form and content requirements).

Joint Bids

The Commonwealth does offer the Tenderer an opportunity to lodge its Tender on a Joint Bid Basis.  Further information regarding Joint Bids is provided in the Tender Documents.


The Works described in the Tender Documents are a "public work" and therefore subject to section 18 of the Public Works Committee Act 1969 (Cth).

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria are described in the Tender Documents.

Minimum Form and Content Requirements

The minimum form and content requirements are described in the Tender Documents. 

Conditions for Participation

The conditions for participation are described in the Tender Documents.


The Conditions for Participation are described in Tender Documents.


The Award Date is anticipated to be June 2022.

The Planning Phase is expected to be completed by April 2024.

Construction is expected to be completed by February 2027.

Estimated Value (AUD):
From $150,000,000.00 to $250,000,000.00

AusTender at, in accordance with instructions in RFT documentation.

Contact Details

Mr Chris Snape – Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd