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To establish a Deed of Standing Offer Arrangement for the provision of rotary wing aerial surveillance services

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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
25131707 - Reconnaissance or surveillance aircraft
4-Oct-2019 5:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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  1. The Customer develops, implements and enforces policy, programs and legislation to protect the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

    The Customer is part of the Field Management Program, which is jointly funded by the State and the Commonwealth Governments to provide field management of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (including Commonwealth Islands), the Great Barrier Reef Coast Marine Park and protected area islands of Queensland.

    The Customer coordinates field operations involving a number of agencies in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, which extends beyond the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and encompasses approximately 348,000 km2 and over 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands and cays. This coordination includes compliance management activities such as:


  1. patrolling and surveillance;

  2. aerial survey for incident response and permit matters;

  3. the gathering of intelligence;

  4. the investigation of breaches of legislation; and

  5. possible compliance actions against alleged offences.

    The area where the surveillance services may be required extends the entire Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, from the tip of Cape York to Bundaberg. 



  1. Surveillance services 


    The Customer is proposing to establish a Standing Offer Arrangement to form a panel of Potential Suppliers to carry out aerial surveillance services within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

    Generally, the requests for aircraft occur across the entire year, however, this is highly variable and dependent on a number of factors including the weather, operational plans, availability of funds and Government policy.

    Potential Suppliers will be primarily involved in conducting aerial surveillance work using its own aircraft and have its own aircraft pilots. As specified in the Conditions of Participation no subcontracting of any part of this Standing Offer Arrangement is permitted.

    The Customer over the last 12 months has conducted over 60 days (390hrs) of aerial surveillance. The expected usage over the next 12 months is 60 days (390hrs) of aerial surveillance.  However, these figures are indicative estimates only and the Customer does not provide a guarantee of any level of aircraft usage. 

    There are two categories of services required:


  1. Rotary Wing Aerial Surveillance Services within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

  2. Rotary Wing Aerial Surveillance Services within Queensland (other Government Department’s usage).


  1. Standing Offer Arrangement 


    The Standing Offer Arrangement will consist of one or more Potential Suppliers. 

    The number of Potential Suppliers offered a Deed of Standing Offer (Deed) will be decided as part of an evaluation process of the Potential Suppliers responses provided in the Approach to Market Response Form (Tender Response) at page 16 below.   

    There is no guarantee of work under this Standing Offer Arrangement and before issuing a Work Order under the Deed, the Customer will issue a Request for Quote which will specify the requirements of the Customer.  Refer to the clause 4 [Ordering Services] of the attached Deed for further information.


    Essential requirements:

  1. Potential Suppliers must demonstrate they are capable of providing an aerial surveillance aircraft and crew which meet the following essential requirements for surveillance services in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area:  


  1. Hold the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) licensing requirements for the type of work to be conducted (current air operator’s certificate which authorises appropriate aerial work operations, including permission for low flying);

  2. Hold, or be willing and able to obtain, a current non-tourist commercial charter marine parks permission pursuant to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act 1975 (Cth) and the Marine Parks Act 2004 (Qld);

  3. Have and include a safety record summary which details an outstanding safety record and include all details of any immediately reportable matters (IRM) and routinely reportable matters (RRM), which have occurred within the last 5 years;

  4. Provide details of Search and Rescue (SAR) arrangements including applicable HF base radio system frequencies;

  5. Have CASA approved in-field refuelling capability from 200L drums and the ability to create and service fuel dumps for the intended surveillance operational area;

  6. Provide suitable arrangements for logistics, particularly access to fuel when operating in remote areas that allow operations to be cost effective and to maximise surveillance time;

  7. Provide assistance in the gathering of intelligence and evidence (including photographs and videos) of incidents, natural disasters and wildlife in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area;

  8. Provide ongoing notification of reportable incidents that the Potential Supplier and any aircraft pilot involved in performing the services have been the subject of for the duration of the Deed term (Note: reportable incidents mean a suspected breach of the law witnessed by the Aircraft pilot or personnel within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area);

  9. Provide technical details, safety records and adhere to all safety and legislative requirements regarding the upkeep, maintenance and safety of any aerial surveillance aircraft that the Potential Supplier will use to perform the services;

  10. Provide to the Customer’s staff and to staff of any other Commonwealth or Queensland agency or department nominated by the Customer the following:


  1. technical assistance in the planning and execution of aerial surveillance missions;

  2. briefings regarding safety and emergency procedures prior to take off for any surveillance missions; and

  3. advice on any safety or weather hazards prior to, during and after any surveillance missions.


  1. Provide assistance with the production and editing of the Customer’s guidelines, procedures and policy documents specific to the aerial surveillance aircraft supplied by the Potential Supplier;

  2. Ensure that the Potential Supplier’s aircraft pilots and personnel (e.g. those who are involved in the detection of a suspected offence) provide statements and ancillary documents, and be available for subsequent court proceedings if requested by the Customer; and

  3. Have recent experience conducting similar operations, preferably as part of an official government program and supply documentary evidence to substantiate this relevant experience through the inclusion of a written letter of endorsement or reference attached to the Tender Response.  


    1. Aircraft Pilots requirements:

      Aircraft pilots of the Potential Supplier must meet the following requirements for surveillance services in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area:


  1. Must be fully licensed and endorsed by CASA (including low level rating and certificated medical fitness);

  2. Must have more than;


  1. 3000 hours aerial work experience;

  2. 500 hours on type;

  3. 500 hours aerial work in preceding 2 years; and

  4. 25 hours on type in preceding 6 months.


  1. Must have completed and be current on the following training requirements:


  1. role induction;

  2. helicopter underwater escape training; and

  3. first aid.


  1. Must carry, and ensure any other personnel and the Customer’s personnel on the aircraft wear a personal locator beacon whilst carrying out surveillance services;

  2. Must maintain formal SAR arrangements with Airservices Australia, AusSAR and/or the Customer as agreed with the Customer’s Team Leader at the commencement of each surveillance mission;

  3. Must have the following capabilities whilst carrying out surveillance services:


  1. take responsibility for the preparation, maintenance or operation of the aircraft including fuel handling, general aviation safety and the safety of all persons working in or near aircraft and/or equipment;

  2. actively participate in the Customer’s operations briefings/debriefings as required;

  3. provide safety briefings for any personnel required to work in or near aircraft. This must also include instruction on hazard identification plus preferred communication methods and emergency procedures including operation of CASA approved Emergency Locator Transmitter;

  4. possess a high level of integrity and the capability of exercising discretion and maintaining confidentiality;

  5. demonstrate an ability to work effectively with the Customer’s personnel and other program stakeholders when providing the services and constructively contribute to improving the effectiveness and safety of the Customer’s surveillance services; and

  6. promote and display best practice approach to safety including wearing appropriate safety clothing including life jackets for any over water operations.

    The Potential Supplier must provide the following information for all aircraft pilots employed in the Tender Response:


  1. A detailed resume which includes the aircraft pilots:


  1. name and date of birth;

  2. relevant training, qualifications, certifications, experience;

  3. maximum permitted number of flying hours per day, week, month;

  4. maximum permitted period of continuous duty time of pilots per day, per week – including frequency and duration of mandatory fatigue recovery periods (as permitted by Workplace Health and Safety / CASA requirements);

  5. referee reports outlining reputation within the industry and an exemplary flying record.


    1. Aircraft requirements



      The Aircraft of the Potential Suppliers must meet or be suitably equipped with, the following essential requirements to successfully conduct surveillance services in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area:


  1. Must be fully airworthy and must be routinely maintained by qualified engineers to CASA and the manufacturer’s standards and details of engineering facilities and maintenance arrangements are to be included in the Tender Response;

  2. Must be equipped with:


  1. suitable internal communication systems allowing the Customer to communicate clear instructions and directions during flights;

  2. an up-to-date pilot/passenger first aid kit and sealed survival kit (CASA requirements);

  3. at least one fully installed impact operated and CASA approved Emergency Locator Transmitter;

  4. at least one Personal Locator Beacon capable of transmission on 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz;

  5. an accurate and functional GPS that is visual flight rules compliant and able to be downloaded;

  6. skid floats fitted;

  7. at least 1 12V outlet available to the observer/passenger;

  8. at a minimum, inertia reel shoulder harnesses for all observers/passengers, however, the Customer’s preference is for a safety harness to be fitted for the Aircraft pilot and observer/passenger occupying the front seat(s).


  1. Must have a minimum continuous endurance, carrying 2 passengers, of 3 hours at a flying speed of at least 60 knots;

  2. Must have any dual control housing removed or sufficiently covered to prevent interference with pilot operations by passengers; dual pedal wells covered, and inertia reel safety harness and belts in working order;

  3. Must be fitted with removable pilot and co-pilot doors and capable of flight (subject to applicable Rotorcraft Flight Manual Limitations) with both front doors removed.



The Customer will exclude from consideration any Tender Response for this ATM000036 that does not meet the following Mandatory Conditions for Participation:


  1. Any potential supplier who has not outlined in the Tender Response how they meet the Requirements in Clause A.A.2 of this ATM; and  

  2. Proposals to subcontract any obligations under the Deed of Standing Offer Arrangement.





As per conditions outlined in document AT000036 and Draft Deed of Standing Offer. Potential Tenderers must familiarise themselves with all contents of both documents prior to lodgement.


As per A.A.1 Key Dates and Times on page 3 in ATM000036 under Standing Offer Arrangement.


As per mandatory lodgment method in A.A.4 on page 9 in the attached ATM000036 document. Failure to lodge via this method will result in the tender affected not being considered for this Approach to Market ATM000036

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: 07 4750-0700