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Closed ATM View - TA2407/2021

Industry asset development

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Bikram Punia

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Tourism Australia
80140000 - Marketing and distribution
29-Mar-2021 4:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart
Request for Tender



We are out to capture the best imagery and footage of tourism experiences around Australia. Stills and moving vision that showcase the best of each individual operator and their products and that really brings these experiences to life for consumer and trade audiences. These images will be used to sell an operator’s experience so they need to immerse the viewer into the experience and tell the whole story of what a consumer can expect of that experience. This is not about Australia as a brand with perfect tourism images but real images about our operators and the stories they tell.

It is vital to the future of brand Australia that we emerge from the Covid crisis with marketing assets of product, Australia wide, that is strong, contemporary and relevant to the post Covid consumer.   Furthermore, we need to share new assets and stories with trade as efficiently as possible before borders re-open, so they too are ready to amplify our stories.  We also need to ensure that suppliers understand the markets where the opportunities are. While industry operators are vulnerable, TA can offer practical marketing support. 

Visual imagery is one of the most important factors online for consumer choice and to produce this imagery (assets), TA has a need to create a panel of photographers and videographers to create key marketing assets for operators, broader regional destinations and for other asset creation projects as the need arises.

Approximately 57 regions across the country will be selected by a combination of Tourism Australia, State Tourism Offices and Regional Tourism Offices based on set criteria including: 

- Value and significance of International Visitation 

- Value of Interstate Tourism

- Tourism Industry Size in region. Number of Businesses and Jobs

- Value of Tourism to the overall Regional GDP

The criteria for selection of product/experience includes:

- Product that covers the breadth of hero experiences in the region

- Product that fits with TA content themes and brand pillars

- Priority to products/experiences that meet TA’s Storytelling criteria

- Priority given to demonstrated commitment to Sustainability

- Priority given to those who are export ready

- Product that have a demonstrated Covid-Safe plan

- Agreed to by State Tourism Operators/Regional Tourism Operators (STOs/RTOs)

TA’s PR platform will strengthen this initiative through advocacy and storytelling of the best of Australia’s recovery tourism experiences. 

There will be Five Tiers of asset development:

- Top 10 Regions - 50 Products/Experiences earmarked for still/video

- Top 11-20 Regions – 40 Products

- Top 21 – 30 Regions – 30 Products

- Top 31 – 40 Regions – 20 Products

- Remaining Regions – 10 Products

For each operator/experience: 

- The budget is based on a spend per product/experience of $4,000 to $7,000 

- Capture stills that best represent the product/has consumer appeal

- Create one-minute hype-reel video including voice-over

- Capture video b roll of the experience that could be edited for use

- Each operator, RTO, STO and TA would receive the best images/footage

- Potential to do both product video interviews for both ASP (Aussie Specialist Program) and internal

With a framework aligned with our experience pillars, sustainability, indigenous and emerging content themes, this industry initiative will remind the world there’s nothing like Australia


- The tourism operator alongside the Regional Tourism Office will be responsible for providing talent to experience the various product offerings.

- Across the different products within a region, the talent will show a diverse age range and background (in line with the customer base they are aiming to attract but also in line with TA’s international target markets: China, UK, US, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, HK, Indonesia, Germany, France & Italy. 

- Talent releases will be provided and will be filled out by all in front of a camera.



1. Acknowledgment of RFT Process

Having read the Request for Tender documentation, the Tenderer must acknowledge its understanding and acceptance of the RFT process. That process includes the timetable and summary of requirements in Part A, the conditions and process for submission by the tenderer in Part B including the requirements to familiarise themselves with each of the conditions and applicable Commonwealth policy requirements set out in Part B, the basis of evaluation of the tender submitted in Part C, the additional requirements to be met as set out in Part D and the conditions for participation in Part E.


2. Standing offer

The terms of supply on which the Tenderer’s submission is provided to Tourism Australia in this document will remain consistently the same for at least 120 days from the Closing Time specified in Part A.


3. Financial Solvency Checks

The Tenderer should be financially solvent (and in the case of individuals) should not be bankrupt.


4. Employee Entitlements and work health and safety

The Tenderer must not have had a judicial decision made against them relating to employee entitlements and of which they are not satisfying any resulting order from that decision.  

The Tenderer must not have any unsettled orders resulting from any decision made against them pursuant to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, regarding failure to protect health and safety of its workers.  

The Tenderer agrees to comply with applicable health and safety legislation at all times, and all applicable policies, or programs that Tourism Australia may inform the Tenderer of and require the Tenderer to comply with, at any time.


5. Workplace Gender Equality 

The Tenderer and any subcontractor entity proposed in the RFT must not have been listed as a noncomplying entity by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency as a result of having failed to comply with the yearly requirement to report on gender equality pursuant to the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012.

It is a Condition of Participation of this RFT process that Tourism Australia will check this list and not enter into a contract with a person or organisation that happens to appear.


6. Entities listed as terrorists or subject to sanctions

The Tenderer’s attention is drawn to the list of individuals and entities maintained by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that are  associated with terrorist acts implemented pursuant to United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution 1373 (2001). It also includes those individuals and entities that are subject to targeted financial sanctions or travel bans under Australian sanctions laws to which the Charter of the United Nations Act 1945 and the Autonomous Sanctions Act 2011 currently applies. This list is the ‘Consolidated List’ and can be found at 

It is a Condition of Participation of this RQT process that Tourism Australia will check this list and not enter into a contract with a person or organisation that happens to appear.   This extends to any subcontractor listed in section 2 of this document

Please note that Tourism Australia will not enter into a contract with a person or organisation listed as a  terrorist organisation pursuant to the Criminal Code Act 1995 and of which is published at

It is a Condition of Participation of this RFT process that Tourism Australia will check this list and not enter into a contract with a person or organisation that happens to appear.   This extends to any subcontractor listed in section 2 of this document


7. Public Disclosure Requirements and right of Audit

The Tenderer’s attention is drawn to the public disclosure requirements of the Commonwealth set out in Part B of the Request for Tender documentation allowing Tourism Australia with the right to disclose details about the procurement process (including the names of the Tenderer and the subcontractors) and the right of the Auditor General to access and audit the Tenderer’s information, documents and records including that of their subcontractor entities.  

The Tenderer must acknowledge and comply with these requirements as well as indicate that their subcontractors are aware and also willing to comply with them.


8. Fraud and Corruption

The Tenderer must be willing to co-operate (and ensure their subcontractors co-operate) with Tourism Australia’s public accountability requirements under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (PGPA) Act 2013. Tourism Australia is committed to minimising the likelihood and impact of any conduct that may be in breach of this Act.  

The Tenderer must also be willing to familiarise itself and comply with Tourism Australia’s Fraud and Corruption Policy, its Code of Conduct and its Public Interest Disclosure policy (documents that are available on TA’s website or on request by the Tenderer).


9. False declarations

If it becomes apparent during the tendering process that the Tenderer’s response documentation contains a false declaration then the Tenderer should be excluded.


10. Conflict of Interests

There must be no conflict of interest existing, or one that is likely to arise, or that would be perceived to have arisen, which would affect the performance of the tenderer’s obligations if they were to enter into a contract with Tourism Australia.


11. Insurances requisite

TA’s typical approach is for providers to provide evidence of insurance in the following amounts:

• Public liability insurance: Minimum AUD$5M.

• Professional indemnity: Minimum AUD$5M.

• Workers compensation insurance: As required by law.

However, potential suppliers will be encouraged to submit applications with their current levels of insurance for evaluation.

Successful tenderers will need to arrange their own travel insurance, unless otherwise agreed with TA.



Indicative Dates:

- Commencement of services - region 1 (Bundaberg): Monday, 19 April 2021. Subsequent regions’ indicative timelines will be communicated as required.

- The proposed term for the deeds of standing offer with the successful suppliers is up to four years, comprising:

- an initial contract period of two years; and

- two one-year extension options, which may be exercised at TA’s sole discretion.

Tenders must be lodged electronically via AusTender at before the Tender Closing Time and in accordance with the procedures set out in this RFT. Tenders must not be lodged by any other means, including by post, facsimile or email.

Contact Details

Bikram Punia

: +61 (2) 9361 1211