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EST02017 Fishermans Bend Redevelopment – Managing Contractor Contract (MCC-1 2003)

Contact Details

Liam Ryan

04 2441 3534


Department of Defence - DSRG
72100000 - Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services
22-Jun-2021 12:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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The key work elements to be delivered by the Contractor are set out below. These are not defined as separate Stages under the Contract. The prospective project scope includes but is not limited to:

New Working Accommodation Building

A new consolidated working accommodation building for the occupants of building 4, 19 and 23 in a purpose-built facility located to the north-east of the site. The new building includes parking at the ground level with working accommodation above.

Building 2 - H.A Wills Fatigue Lab/AMSTL Building

Fitout to approximately 20% of the building including additional structure and materials test cells. Additional upgrades to approximately 30% of the existing building with remedial works to the existing façade to ensure the building remains weather tight.

Building 4 - Scientific Engineering Services/Workshop

Following the relocation of the office areas from Building 4 (100% of level 1 & 20% of GF) to the new working accommodation building, repurpose the areas vacated.

This includes the removal of the redundant office fitout, cap services to this area and make good to a soft-shell state. Soft shell state includes the repair or replacement of existing ceilings and floor finishes, painting of walls and ceilings, capping and removal of existing redundant services, repair or replacements of existing in-ceiling services including lights and the relocation of such to suit a soft-shell state.

Building 17 – Guard House

Refurbishment of Building 17.

Building 23 - Working Data Centre

Following the relocation of the office portion of Building 23 to the new working accommodation building there will be a requirement to repurpose the vacated area as part of the extension of Building 23.

Building 35 - Hangar

Expansion of the existing warehouse to allow for additional storage.

Building 52 – Systems Laboratory

Strip the entire building back inclusive of the capping of existing services and removal of hazardous materials.

New office fitout including remedial works to the façade.

Building 1 & 51 – DST Group Office Accommodation

Security upgrades to the existing façade and windows.

Building 19 – Propulsion Offices Demolition

Demolition of Building 19 on completion of the New Working Accommodation.

Front Entrance – Front base Guard Shelter

Upgrade to improve site access, efficiency and traffic ingress.

Roads and Footpaths

Improvements to roads and footpaths to provide separation between the two.

HV Upgrade and Electrical Low Voltage Works

Upgrades to the Base HV & electrical LV network.


Upgrades to the Base ICT network.

Potable Water

Upgrades to the Base potable water supply.


Upgrades to the Base sewer network.


Upgrades to the Base stormwater network and supply.


Upgrades to the Base gas network.

Compressed Air

Upgrades to the Base compressed air network.

Spatial Data and Master Site Plan

Reliable, accurate and up to date spatial records of base assets and network services as a minimum standard to support FMB base planning, management of engineering assets and WHS obligations.


The Managing Contractor Contract (MCC-1 2003) is a two stage Contract where the successful applicant is appointed to plan the Works (the Planning Phase). The Planning Phase includes all aspects of design, environmental, heritage, services condition and capacity investigations.

Managing Contractor appointment for the Delivery Phase is subject to all relevant Approvals, including Delivery Phase Agreement under the Contract with the Commonwealth.

Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement

The Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement is available by clicking on "ATM Documents".

Tenderers are required to download, complete, duly execute and return the Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement by email to the Contact Officer between the hours of 0900-1630, Mon-Fri. A passcode will be provided to access the Tender Documentation within ATM AZ6233-A EST02017 Fishermans Bend Redevelopment - Managing Contractor Contract (MCC-1 2003).

Industry Briefing

An industry briefing will be conducted on site at DSTG Fishermans Bend, 1200-1630 on 19 May 21.

Further information regarding the industry briefing is provided in the Tender Documents.

Building Code 2016

The Building Code 2016 applies. If the Building Code 2016 applies then by lodging a Tender, the Tenderer will become subject to the Building Code 2016.

Further information regarding the Building Code 2016 is provided in the Tender Documents (including conditions of participation and minimum form and content requirements).

WHS Accreditation Scheme

The WHS Accreditation Scheme pursuant to the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act 2016 (Cth) applies].  Further information regarding the WHS Accreditation Scheme is provided in the Tender Documents.

Indigenous Procurement Policy

The Australian Government's new Indigenous Procurement Policy took effect on 1 July 2015. Further information regarding the Indigenous Procurement Policy is provided in the Tender Documents (including, if it applies potential minimum form and content requirements).

Joint Bids

The Commonwealth does offer the Tenderer an opportunity to lodge its Tender on a Joint Bid Basis. Further information regarding Joint Bids is provided in the Tender Documents.


The Works described in the Tender Documents are a "public work" and therefore subject to section 18 of the Public Works Committee Act 1969 (Cth).

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Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria are described in the Tender Documents.

Minimum Form and Content Requirements

The minimum form and content requirements are described in the Tender Documents. 

Conditions for Participation

The conditions for participation are described in the Tender Documents.


The Conditions for Participation are described in Tender Documents.


The Award Date is anticipated to be Aug 21.

The Services are anticipated to commence in Sep 21 with Completion in or before Jan 27.

Estimated Value (AUD):
From $120,000,000.00 to $160,000,000.00
Lodgement of the signed Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement will be to the Contact Officer.

Contact Details

Liam Ryan

: 04 2441 3534