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Annual Procurement Plan View - Cancer Australia

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Strategic Procurement Outlook

Cancer Australia is a specialist agency providing leadership in national cancer control across the continuum of care. Cancer Australia builds the evidence base to guide scientific improvements in cancer prevention, treatment and care; coordinates and liaises between the wide range of groups and health care providers with an interest in cancer; makes recommendations to the Australian Government about cancer policies and priorities and assists with the implementation of policies
and programs in cancer control.

Cancer Australia works to address disparities in cancer incidence and outcomes, with a particular focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and people living in rural and remote Australia.
The agency provides information for people affected by cancer about their diagnosis and treatment to improve their health outcomes, and promotes cancer awareness to the community, which helps to minimise the impact of cancer through risk reduction and early detection.
Cancer Australia works to strengthen national data capacity by driving nationally consistent cancer data collection and monitoring across the cancer control continuum to improve our understanding of cancer and inform our efforts to achieve our purpose.

Cancer Australia is an agency of the Health portfolio. It was established by the Australian Government under the Cancer Australia Act 2006 and is a non-corporate Commonwealth entity under the PGPA Act. Cancer Australia is subject to the Public Service Act 1999 and the Auditor General Act 1997.

Procurement will be undertaken in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.  Cancer Australia publishes all open approaches to market on Austender and makes available for download from Austender all request documentation.  This annual procurement plan will be updated quarterly to provide information on new, deferred or deleted procurement requirements.

No procurements above the relevant threshold are currently planned.


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