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Annual Procurement Plan View - Murray-Darling Basin Authority

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Strategic Procurement Outlook


The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) is a Corporate Commonwealth Entity, established under the Water Act 2007 and is within the Agriculture and Water Resources Portfolio.


The MDBA has five strategic goals:


Drive the successful implementation of the Basin Plan - Lead the implementation of the Basin plan in collaboration with Basin state and territory governments and other Australian Government agencies.


Strengthen the culture of compliance in the Murray-Darling Basin - Implement a strategic approach to compliance and enforcement of the Basin Plan and Basin governments’ water resource plans.


Efficiently operate the River Murray system for partner governments - In partnership with Basin governments, promote and coordinate effective planning, management and sharing of water and other natural resources of the Basin. The water sharing and joint management arrangements for this partnership are set out in the Murray–Darling Basin Agreement 2008. The joint programs include River Murray operations and natural resource management programs. The natural resource management programs have evolved as a shared response to the need to manage some of the environmental consequences of water use in the Basin.


Improve transparency and confidence in the Basin Plan - The MDBA improves transparency and confidence in the Basin Plan, River Murray operations and the MDBA through:


  • making information accessible, timely, relevant and evidence-based.

  • being proactive and responsive to the interests and needs of stakeholders.

  • improving partnerships and relationships with Basin governments, industry, interest groups and communities.


Apply best available science and knowledge to the management of the Murray–Darling Basin - The MDBA collects and collates the best available data, knowledge and analysis to inform its decisions, and uses this information to guide the implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of the Basin Plan.


MDBA implements some aspects of its program itself while others are implemented through agencies of the State governments who, with the MDBA, are partners in the management of the Basin. Further information can be found at


MDBA conducts its procurement activities in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules and relevant legislation.


All open procurements will be advertised on the Australian Government's business opportunities website, AusTender ( Other procurements of a lesser value may be conducted on a limited tender basis.


The Annual Procurement Plan will be updated to incorporate any additional procurement opportunities which are identified during the year or variations to proposed procurements.


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Murray-Darling Water and Environment Research Program

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