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Annual Procurement Plan View - Australian National Audit Office

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Strategic Procurement Outlook

The ANAO is a specialist public sector agency providing a full range of audit services to the Parliament, Australian Government public sector entities and statutory bodies, as well as government corporations. The ANAO assist the Auditor-General to provide an independent view of the performance and financial management of public sector entities. The Auditor-General Act 1997 sets out the Auditor-General's functions, mandate and powers and establishes the unique, independent relationship between the Parliament and the Auditor-General. The ANAO retains overall responsibility for its audits but may outsource parts of an audit or in some cases the whole audit. The ANAO also engages consultants on a range of audit and corporate tasks. Based on the best available information available at the time of publication, the ANAO expects to be seeking tender response for the procurements described below.

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Audit of Special Broadcasting Service Corporation & National DAB Licence Company Limited

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Agency Reference:
84111600 - Audit services
Estimated Date of Approach to Market:
Quarter 2 2020/2021
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Last Updated: 22-Oct-2020 2:53 pm (ACT Local Time)