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RFI - Noise Information Management System/s and Services

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Airservices Australia
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1-Mar-2019 5:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Information

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Airservices Australia is seeking information to better understand market capability in relation to the provision of noise information management services and systems. This purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to gather market research about the range of options available and identify parties who have the demonstrated expertise, capacity and experience in relation to Airservices requirements.


Airservices wishes to gain an understanding of current options available in the market to assist the development of the direction taken by Airservices for future noise information management system/s and services.



Airservices is a government owned organisation providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry. Airservices safely manage 11 per cent of the world’s airspace where there are more than four million aircraft movements carrying more than 156 million passengers annually.


Airservices Australia performs a key role in the management and distribution of information relating to aircraft noise. It is involved in the collection of aircraft noise and flight path data at a number of aerodromes around Australia and operates a network of noise monitoring units in close proximity to established flight paths. In providing these services, Airservices also provides advice, information and data on aircraft noise and movements, as well as undertaking testing and compliance activities associated with aircraft noise regulations. Reporting services and data modelling also assists in community engagement activities.


Airservices owns a network of noise monitors currently deployed at 8 major airports. Airservices also provides noise and flight path data to the community via a website and manages a noise complaints service which utilises the information and data modelling currently provided by the existing Noise and Flight Path Monitoring System.


There is also a growing requirement to provide additional monitoring services as Australia’s airport infrastructure expands and the demand for wider noise monitoring increases.


Other Instructions:

Respondents must direct any questions regarding the Request for Information (RFI) to: before 22nd February 2019 5:00pm (AEDST). 

Closing Date for responses 5.00pm (AEDST) Friday, 1st March 2019.


Conditions for Participation:

This Request for Information (RFI) has been released by Airservices Australia for information gathering purposes only.
This document provides background information and outlines preliminary thoughts and ideas for discussion with interested parties.
It does not represent Airservices' policy, pre-determined solutions, or strategies in relation to the scope, planning, development, procurement or delivery of services.
Airservices is not committed contractually in any way to any party that is interested in, or that responds to, this RFI.
Nor is Airservices liable for any costs of compensation or any expenses incurred by parties in submitting a response to this RFI. 
Following analysis of the information received from the market Airservices may seek internal approval to proceed with a separate procurement process.
Airservices may elect, at its sole and absolute discretion, whether to proceed with a separate procurement process after having completed this market research activity (i.e. the RFI process), and if it does, the type, nature and scope of any procurement process it will follow.


Timeframe for Delivery:

No delivery is required as this is a market research activity to gather information about available options.

Address for Lodgement:
AusTender electronic lodgement : One electronic completed copy of Attachment B - RFI Response Document submitted via AusTender in accordance with the AusTender terms and conditions. Note: PDF or JPEG files are preferable and also please include word version of the response. Please do not submit any responses in a RAR compressed file format.

Contact Details

Catherine Hunt

P: 0