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IP Australia
72100000 - Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services
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12-Feb-2018 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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IP Australia is intending to deliver the refit into 18,000m2 of the Discovery House property. In completing the refit, construction will be staged as to allow Discovery House to remain occupied and operational throughout the entire Delivery Phase.

Through the building refresh project, IP Australia is also seeking to:

 modernise the premises;

 enable the implementation of an activity based working environment;

 minimise the occupational density, ensuring that IP Australia is operating within 14m2 per person as required by the Department of Finance; and

 support the introduction of a childcare centre, and improved amenities and services (such as a café upgrade).

The building owner will also conduct a range of building upgrades works in parallel and the works are intended to be funded separately but delivered as one package, including a combined approach to design, and a single contract for a managing contractor to deliver the tenant and building owner works.

The Managing Contractor services will include the provision of construction management services relating to planning, programming, procurement of trade packages, site management, coordination, safety management, construction and commissioning of fit-out works.

The fit-out works include demolition, new fixtures, joinery, doors, ceilings, floors, finishing, furniture, workstations, appliances, doors and partitions, and electrical, mechanical, fire, hydraulic, communication, security and audio-visual services. These and additional works are detailed in the Project Brief attached to this document.


Other Instructions:

The Commonwealth will conduct an industry briefing and site visit in relation to the Tender Documents, the tender process, the Contractor’s Activities, the Works and the Project. The Industry Briefing will be conducted on site at Discovery House, Phillip. The site visit will commence immediately following the conclusion of the industry briefing. The details of the industry brief and site visit are as follows:

10.00am (Canberra Time), 20 January 2018

Discovery House

47 Bowes Street 

Phillip, A.C.T.

If the Tenderer wishes to attend the industry briefing and site visit, it should notify the Contact Officer by email no later than 5.00pm (Canberra time), Friday, 19 January 2018, providing details of the Tenderer, the full names of all Tenderer personnel proposed to attend the industry briefing.

Prospective Suppliers are to note that RFT Part 5 Contract  is not currently available and will be issued as an Addendum to the RFT as soon as possible.

Conditions for Participation:

The Tenderer must, at the time of lodging its Tender, satisfy each condition for participation as follows:

(i)  the Tenderer should provide details of Federal Safety Commission WHS Accreditation in accordance with clause 28 of the RFT; and

each additional condition for participation specified in the Tender Particulars (if any)

Timeframe for Delivery:

as detailed in the RFT

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Contact Details

Contact Officer C2017/12813

P: 0262832394