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Closed ATM View - FIN11/APP034-C

Data Centre as a Service (DCaaS) Multi Use List for Cloud, Cloud-Like and managed computing services

Agency Department of Finance
Category 81110000 - Computer services
Close Date & Time 1-Apr-2014 2:00 pm (ACT Local time)
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Publish Date 31-Jul-2012


Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart

ATM Type Multi-Use List

Multi Agency Access Yes
Multi Agency Access Type All Agencies


The Department of Finance is inviting organisations to submit Applications for Inclusion to join the DCaaS Multi Use List (MUL).  The MUL will be open to Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (FMA Act) agencies and Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997 (CAC Act) agencies, as well as Australian state and territory governments and other Commonwealth bodies.

The purpose of the DCaaS MUL is to create a method of supplying Cloud and Cloud-Like services to agencies.  Cloud services are those services that conform to the Cloud Computing Strategic Direction Paper definitions of Cloud Computing.  This can be accessed through: http://www.finance.gov.au/files/2013/04/final-_cloud_computing_strategy_version_1.1.pdf

The three basic types of cloud service offerings will be available through the MUL.  These are: Software as a Service; Platform as a Service; and Infrastructure as a Service as defined by the Cloud Computing Strategic Direction Paper.

Further information, including instructions on how to submit applications, is available in Part 1 of the Application For Inclusion (AFI) documentation.

Other Instructions

After the establishment of the DCaaS MUL, potential suppliers may submit AFIs to ictprocurement@finance.gov.au at any time.  However, assessment cut-off dates will apply.  AFIs received after a cut-off date will be evaluated during the next round of assessments. Assessment cut off dates will be published to the Finance website. 

The cut off date for the initial round of assessments is 30 August 2012.  Any addenda will be published through Austender.

Conditions for Participation

In alignment with AFI for DCaaS Part 1 - Conditions and Guidance:

3. Conditions for Participation and Minimum Content and Format Requirements

3.1. Applicants wishing to be included on the DCaaS MUL must complete and lodge an AFI Response in accordance with the requirements of this AFI.
3.2. To be considered for inclusion on the DCaaS MUL, an Applicant's AFI Response must meet the Conditions for Participation in clause 3.3 and the Minimum Content and Format Requirements in clause 3.4. 

3.3. The Conditions for Participation are:
a. The Applicant has provided two hard copies of the duly completed and executed Deed (Part 2 of this AFI) with Supporting Documents as described in clause 7.1 through to 7.4;
b. The Applicant has provided one hard copy of a duly completed and executed Statutory Declaration substantially in the form of Part 3, Section 1 of this AFI with supporting documents as described in clause 7.1 through to 7.4;

c. The Applicant has provided Applicant Details in accordance with Part 3, Section 2 of the AFI;

d. The Applicant has provided two written referees' reports supporting the Applicant's statements against the Assessment Criteria in accordance with Part 3, Section 3 of the AFI;

e. The Applicant has provided in accordance with Part 3, Section 4 of the AFI, examples of Cloud Services and Cloud-Like Services provided to customers within the two years prior to the date of the AFI Response;

f. The Applicant has offered in accordance with Part 3, Section 5 of the AFI details of at least one Cloud Service or one Cloud-Like Service, including pricing for the Service/s; and

g. The Applicant pays the registration fee of $250 (GST inclusive) in accordance with the requirements of the invoice issued by Finance.

3.4. The Minimum Content and Format Requirements are:
a. the AFI Response uses Australian measurements (metric system).  

Timeframe for Delivery


Address for Lodgement AFIs can be submitted to ictprocurement@finance.gov.au at any time.

Contact Officer DCaaS MUL Director
Phone Number 02 6215 3081
Email Address ictprocurement@finance.gov.au

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