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Australia Pacific Climate Change Action Program (APCCAP) Support Unit

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This Program seeks to increase the effectiveness of Australia’s support for climate change action and disaster resilience in the Pacific. APCCAP builds on long running climate change and disaster information programs and draws on established regional and international knowledge about effective climate mitigation, adaptation and broader disaster resilience.

The goal of APCCAP is to achieve climate and disaster resilient development in the Pacific through the following objectives:


  1. Australian aid investments in Pacific are climate and disaster risk informed;

  2. Australian supported climate change information is relevant and influential; and

    3.  Australia is valued as a partner in climate change action in the Pacific.


APCCAP comprises the following activities:

    a. Support unit for bilateral and regional program engagement;

    b. Climate change information tailoring activities and support panel;

    c.  All hazards inclusion in disaster and climate resilient development;

    d.  Gender and social inclusion;

    e.  Monitoring and evaluation;

    f.   Climate information services;

    g.   Climate governance; and

     h.  Funding the Secretariat for the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP)

The Program components (a) to (e) will be delivered by the Support Unit. Program activities (f) to (h) will be delivered by other partners. APCCAP will also support learning, communication and coordination across the suite of investments (a-h above) and be flexible to meet emerging policy priorities.




























Conditions for Participation:


1.1   The Tenderer agrees to contract as a single legal entity.


(a)               If a Tenderer is an unincorporated association and is selected as the Preferred Tenderer, the Tenderer must incorporate prior to entry into contract.

(b)               If your tender involves more than one organisation, you must in your response to the evaluation criteria and within the page limit, clearly describe what each organisation will specifically be responsible for, and nominate an overall lead entity which if selected as the Preferred Tenderer will be the single legal entity that DFAT contracts with.


i)              At a minimum, as Annex 1 to Tenderer Response Schedule 1, Tenderers must provide any required Letters of Association. Each company represented in a tender must provide an up to one (1) page letter of association addressed to the lead tenderer. The letter should clearly outline the proposed role of the company in the delivery of the Services, and specify any activities they will be leading.  If a letter is not provided, DFAT will delete all references to that organisation before the tender is evaluated. The letter must provide an assurance to DFAT from an authorised representative of the company of the company’s corporate commitment to and involvement in the provision of the Services.

ii)            Tenderer associates who are approved by DFAT to undertake identified parts of the Services will be specified in any resultant contract with the Tenderer.


1.2   Tenders must be written in English and all measurements must be expressed in Australian legal units of measurement.


1.3   Tenders must contain substantially completed Tenderer Response Schedules 1 – 3 in accordance with the instructions in Part 1 of the RFT.


1.4     The Tenderer and any subcontractors proposed must not be named as not complying with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012(Cth) (WGE Act). For the purposes of the WGE Act, the Tenderer must identify whether it is a Relevant Employer under the WGE Act and if it is the Tenderer must provide DFAT with a copy of its current letter of compliance with the WGE Act.


1.5   The Tenderer (and any of its proposed subcontractors) must not be subject to an adverse Court or Tribunal decision or Order (not including decisions under appeal) for a breach of workplace relations law, work health and safety law, or workers’ compensation law, or if the Tenderer is so subject, that the Tenderer has fully complied, or is fully complying with the Court or Tribunal decision or Order.


1.6    The Tenderer (and any of its proposed subcontractors) must not be listed on the World Bank List or a Relevant List or be the subject of an informal investigation or temporary suspension which could lead to the Tenderer becoming so listed. A Tenderer must immediately notify DFAT if it becomes listed, investigated or suspended by the World Bank or any development donor prior to the award of contract.


Timeframe for Delivery:

4 years for the Initial Term and further 4 years for the Option period

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Contact Details

Contact Officer

P: 61780000