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Electronic Access Control System (EACS) Upgrade

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John Watt

P: 02 6208 5055


National Museum of Australia
46171619 - Security or access control systems
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23-Jun-2017 3:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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Upgrade/replace the existing Honeywell EBI Access Control System, Commend Intercom System, etc with a new EACS, Intercom System, new ACPs, new card readers, new access smart cards, new/existing electric strikes, new/existing electromagnetic locks, etc and associated HLI of security systems. Cable all new equipment, existing equipment (as required), integrating equipment and NMA supplied headend equipment. Remove redundant equipment and cabling. Integrate the EACS, Intercom System with other NMA Security, IT and BMS equipment. NMA Acton and Vicars Street Mitchell assess control systems shall be completely upgraded. Reconfigure the display console and monitor layout in the Security Control room for the EACS Workstations. Manage the cutover from the existing Access Control System (Honeywell EBI) to the new EACS. Manage the cutover from the existing Intercom System (Commend) to the new Intercom System. The existing Access Control Systems at McEacharn Place and Gladstone Street shall be incorporated into the Maintenance responsibilities/program of the EACS Upgrade.

Other Instructions:

The tender documents (including Contract) are attached on AusTender (under ‘Go to ATM documents’).

Some tender documents have not been attached on AusTender. To obtain this documentation, tenderers are to submit a signed Confidentiality Agreement as follows:
1. Click on Go to ATM Documents
2. Download the tender documents
3. Go to Confidentiality Agreement

4. Print and sign the Confidentiality Agreement
5. Return the signed copy by email, as a scanned PDF file, to the Contact Officer

Tenderers are to note that without the Confidentiality Agreement being returned to the Contact Officer, the complete set of documentation cannot be released.

Any questions relating to this tender are to be forwarded via email to the Contact Officer nominated below.

The cut-off date for questions pertaining to this tender is seven (7) days before the tender close date. 

The Industry Briefing is scheduled for 1 pm on Thursday 01 June 2017.  Registration arrangements for attendance at this industry briefing are listed in Clause 3.3 of the Request for Tender (RFT) and Tenderers wishing to attend are requested to supply the relevant information by Wednesday 31 May 2017.


Conditions for Participation:

The Tenderer must at the time of submitting its Tender satisfy the conditions for participation set out in paragraph 7.1 of the RFT

Timeframe for Delivery:

The Initial Contract will be for a total of 70 weeks comprising 18 weeks for supply, install, commission, acceptance, etc plus 12 months for maintenance services during the warranty period.

Additional 5 year maintenance agreement/period from completion of the 12 month warranty period.

Address for Lodgement:

Electronic Lodgement only through Austender at, in accordance with instructions in Request documentation

Contact Details

John Watt

P: 02 6208 5055