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ITR for Head Contractor: Villawood Detention Facility Redevelopment Stage 3 works

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Department of Finance
72130000 - General building construction
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30-Nov-2017 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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The Department of Finance (Finance) is seeking through a two stage tender process a suitably qualified Contractor to undertake the Stage 3 of works of the VIDFR project. The works will be delivered under a Head Contract (construct only) methodology. The design is undergoing development to 100% completion and will be provided to the successful applicants at the second stage RFT process.

An early works package, inclusive of remediation and civil works, has been delivered under a separate contract to reduce risk and gain efficiencies in the planning and delivery of the new higher risk accommodation. 
Construction of a new higher security/higher risk precinct for a total of 62 detainees including accommodation, 6 special care, common facilities and outdoor areas. The precinct will be divided into four secure areas:

• 2 identical and separate secure precinct areas, each providing accommodation and facilities for 31 detainees and each over two levels, which are based on the Mitchell Precinct with refinements based on the Higher Risk Accommodation (HRA) and General Flexible Accommodation (GFA) models security amendments. There will be capacity for lockdown operations in each area and no shared facilities.  Each area will include common facilities for recreation and dining, as well as high care facilities for detainees that have special needs;

• 1 separate secure area around the Banksia and Tweed building with security curtilage;

• 1 separate secure area for a Football Field.  Access will be managed from each of the surrounding accommodation areas; and

• Construction of fences and roadworks in and around Stage 3 to support the new high security precinct.

The VIDF is part of a network of detention facilities and Stage 3 accommodation must become available for occupation in early 2019 to meet DIBP’s forward planning requirements. The Stage 3 program includes a 12 month construction period, followed by a 12 month defects liability period (DLP).

Other Instructions:

Completed Confidentiality and Disclaimer Agreements are required to be submitted through the Contact Officer’s email address Drawings will be provided within 2 business days of the completed agreement being received.

Conditions for Participation:

The applicant must meet the eligibility requirements in section 23 of the Building Code 2016 (as defined in clause 13.5).

Timeframe for Delivery:

March 2018 – March 2020 (inclusive of Defects Liability Period).

Address for Lodgement:
Electronic lodgement of tender responses via AusTender,

Contact Details

Tender Officer

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