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Design Services Consultant for project A9067 Holsworthy Mid-Term Refresh

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Mr Alby Lombard

P: +61428138491


Department of Defence - DSRG
72100000 - Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services
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10-May-2018 12:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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The Design Services Consultant (DSC) will be required to support the planning and delivery phases of the project which seeks to address capacity and compliance issues for electrical engineering infrastructure on base as well as the requirement for short-term Live-in Accommodation (LIA) to support training activities.

The DSC will be required to investigate and confirm the requirements for electrical infrastructure and training LIA at Holsworthy Barracks and provide.

The DSC will be required to develop and deliver Design Documentation costed to applicable cost confidence levels, as well as supporting stakeholder consultation, to facilitate site selection activities and obtain other Departmental, Government and Parliamentary Approvals. 

 On obtaining requisit approvals, the DSC will be required to continue and finalise the Design Documentation and provide general design and design management services to achieve Project Finalisation, including the conclusion of the last of the Defects Liability Period(s) under the Construction Contract.

Additional details on the DSC Scope of Works and the Project are provided within the Tender Documents.


Other Instructions:

To obtain the Tender documentation in full, Tenderers are required to return the completed Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement to the Contact Officer.

An Industry Briefing will be conducted to support Tenderers in relation to the Request documents, the process, the Services, the Works and the Project. Coordinating details are provided within the Tender Documents.

Conditions for Participation:

The additional conditions for participation applicable to this process are that the Tenderer must be an Authorised Engineering Organisation certified by the Assets Standards Authority to carry out the design of high voltage electrical works in all of the following: 

(i)high voltage feeders;

(ii)high voltage cables;

(iii)distribution substations;

(iv)high voltage protection systems;

(v)low voltage power system and low voltage protection;

(vi)earthing, bonding, electrolysis and lighting protection; and

(vii)electrical control systems;


the Tenderer must be accredited under the Electricity Supply (Safety and Network Management) Regulation 2014 (NSW) as a Level 3 Accredited Services Providers.

Timeframe for Delivery:

Contract Award (indicative): 20 Jun 18

5% Master Plan Feasibility Review presentation (indicative): 11 Sep 18

30% Concept Design Report presentation (indicative): 04 Dec 18

50% Schematic Design Report presentation (indicative): 29 May 20

90% Detailed Design Report presentation (indicative): 21 Aug 20

100% Final Design Report (indicative): 30 Oct 20

Address for Lodgement:

Lodgement of Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement is to occur electronically to the Contact Officer at, in accordance with instructions in the Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement.

Lodgement of Tenders is to occur at AusTender at, in accordance with instructions in Tender Documents.

Contact Details

Mr Alby Lombard

P: +61428138491