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Request For Information - Remediation Works & Environmental Monitoring for the Douglas Shoal Remediation Project

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
77100000 - Environmental management
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20-Mar-2018 3:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Information

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The sole purpose of this RFI is to obtain information in connection with how Remediation Works (Stream 2) and Environmental Monitoring (Stream 3) services could be delivered for the Project and the capabilities that exist in the market to deliver these services.

This RFI is not a procurement and does not form part of any Commonwealth procurement process.

A Respondent who receives this RFI is under no obligation to make a Submission and any Submission that is provided is submitted on a voluntary basis in accordance with the terms of this RFI.

Submissions will not be competitively evaluated and GBRMPA will not use this RFI or any Submission to shortlist suppliers for any procurement process.

Respondents should nevertheless be aware that GBRMPA may use responses to this RFI for procurement planning purposes, including to assist GBRMPA identify, refine and cost procurement options, develop any aspect of the procurement strategy and to inform the preparation of any future procurement process.  As such, lodging a Submission will assist in maximising any opportunities that could be available to the Respondent in any subsequent procurement.

Requirements for Submissions are included in Part C and Part D of this RFI. Submissions should be provided in the form set out in the Response Schedule 1 – Form of Response.


Other Instructions:

Interested parties are encouraged to attend an Industry briefing. Please note registrations for the Industry briefing close on 25 January 2018.

GBRMPA may provide Respondents with access to a Data Room containing material and information which may be relevant to this RFI.

A Respondent must submit an executed Deed of Confidentiality at least 5 Business Days before the Closing Time in order to gain access to the Data Room.

Please refer to the attached RFI for complete information.



Conditions for Participation:

refer to RFI

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refer to RFI

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