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Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A) - Solution

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IP Australia
81112000 - Data services
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9-Aug-2017 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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 The BI&A Project scope broadly includes:

  • high level and detailed design of the BI&A Solution;
  • provision of the BI&A Solution including a data lake with managed data connections and ingestion capability, and environments for data analytics, insights and reporting;

  • extract, transform and load IP Australia and external Data into the data lake and establish data connections;

  • ongoing provision of the established BI&A Solution and Support Services.

IP Australia anticipates the requirements will be met through a cloud solution, although it is expected that the Solution can be realised in difference ways utilising different combinations of technologies. 

Other Instructions:

An Industry Briefing will be held: 10am -12pm Thursday 29th June 2017 at Discovery House, 47 Bowes St Phillip ACT (NG F08 Holdsworth Room)

Tenderers should provide written notice to the Contact Officer no later than Monday 26th June setting out the names and contact details for all persons who will be attending the industry briefing. Please limit attendees to two individuals per Tenderer.

Register of Interest - To facilitate partnering, potential tenderers can register their interest by emailing their organisation’s name and contact details to the Contact Officer at MDB-BI&

IP Australia will periodically update the register of interest and release it via Austender throughout the Tender open period.


Conditions for Participation:

IP Australia will exclude a Tender from further consideration if at any time before a contract is executed IP Australia considers that the Tenderer does not meet any one or more of the following conditions for participation:

  • the Tenderer exists as a legal entity prior to contract signature (see paragraph 8.2.3 of the RFT); or
  • that all parts of the Solution and the Solution Data must reside within Australia (see Schedule 1, Part 4 - NFR-407 and clause 45.3 of the Draft Contract).
Timeframe for Delivery:

Services will commence in 2017 and continue for an Initial Term of 5 years.

Address for Lodgement:
The address for lodgement is: in accordance with instructions in the RFT documentation.

Contact Details

Contact Officer - BI&A Project

P: 000000