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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program
80100000 - Management advisory services
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1-Mar-2018 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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ACT, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, QLD, NT, TAS, Overseas
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Request for Tender

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DFAT requires a Contractor to implement Australia Awards in Cambodia. The purpose of the tender is to select a qualified Contractor to provide management, operational and administrative resources necessary to implement Australia Awards. The Contractor will also carry out the necessary information-gathering and analytical work to help inform DFAT’s decision making and to better focus its resources on leading and strategically positioning Australia Awards in Cambodia.

The Contractor will be required to manage and implement core and support activities of Australia Awards in Cambodia. The three core activities are: Australia Awards Scholarships, Australia Awards Short Courses and Australia Awards Fellowships, as described in the Australia Awards Global Strategy. The three core activities will be supported by the following activities: equity pathway program; English language training and pre-departure training; on-award engagement; and alumni engagement. The Contractor will be required to manage the full cycle of Australia Awards Scholarships and Australia Awards Short Course activities, including targeting and promotions, selection, mobilisation and pre-departure preparation (including ELT), on-award engagement and monitoring, reintegration and alumni engagement.


Conditions for Participation:

Mandatory Minimum Form and Content Requirements

The mandatory minimum form and content requirements are:

(a)               Tenders must be written in English and all measurements must be expressed in Australian legal units of measurement;

(b)               Tenders must contain substantially completed Tender Schedules 1 – 5 in accordance with the instructions in Part 1 of the RFT.

Mandatory Conditions for Participation

The mandatory conditions for Tenderer participation in this RFT are:

(a)                The Tenderer and any subcontractors proposed must not be named as not complying with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012(Cth) (‘WGE Act’).

(b)               For the purposes of the WGE Act, the Tenderer must identify whether it is a Relevant Employer under the WGE Act and if it is the Tenderer must provide DFAT with a copy of its current letter of compliance with the WGE Act.

(c)               Tenderers must acknowledge and agree to contract as a single legal entity in accordance with the requirement at Clause 3 (Threshold Conditions)in this Part 2 of the RFT.

(d)                 the Tenderer (and any of its proposed subcontractors) must not be subject to an adverse Court or Tribunal decision or Order (not including decisions under appeal) for a breach of workplace relations law, work health and safety law, or workers’ compensation law, or if the Tenderer is so subject, that the Tenderer has fully complied, or is fully complying with the Court or Tribunal decision or Order.

(e)                The Tenderer (and any of its proposed subcontractors) must not be listed on the World Bank List or a Relevant List or be the subject of an informal investigation or temporary suspension which could lead to the Tenderer becoming so listed. A Tenderer must immediately notify DFAT if it becomes listed, investigated or suspended by the World Bank or any development donor prior to the award of contract.

(f)               Where an Australian Standard is applicable for goods or services being procured, tender responses must demonstrate the capability to meet the Australian Standard, and at time of contract and throughout the contract must be able to provide evidence of the applicable Standards in accordance with Rule 10.10 of the CPRs.

(g)                  The Tenderer’s practices must comply relevant regulations and/or regulatory frameworks, including but not limited to  labour regulations, including ethical employment practices; occupational health and safety; and environmental impacts in accordance with Rule 10.18 of the CPRs.

(h)                 Where the procurement includes construction-related Services to be provided within Australia, the Tenderer must comply with the Commonwealth Building Code 2013. The Tenderer must, at the time they lodge their Tender:

(i)                   not have been precluded from Tendering for Australian Government funded building and construction work; or

(ii)                   fully comply with any adverse Court or Tribunal decision or Order (not including decisions under appeal) for a breach of workplace relations law, work health and safety law, or workers’ compensation law; and

(iii)                   provide a copy of its letter of compliance with the Building Code as issued by the Department of Employment.


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From - to $8,500,000.00
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