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R8099/R8109 – Request for Tender – Managing Contractor Contract – RAAF Tindal Redevelopment and USFPI Airfield Works

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Ms Wendy Renner

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Department of Defence - DSRG
72100000 - Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services
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21-Dec-2017 12:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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Project R8099 RAAF Base Tindal Redevelopment Stage 6 (R8099 TDL Redev) and Project R8109 United States Force Posture Initiatives (USFPI) RAAF Base Tindal Airfield Works and Associated Infrastructure (R8109 KC-30A Facilities) are being delivered as two separate Components under one Managing Contractor Contract as follows:
Component 1 – R8099 TDL Redev; and
Component 2 – R8109 KC-30A Facilities.

Project R8099 TDL Redev (Component 1)
The objective of Project R8099 TDL Redev Project is to maintain the capability of the Base, which can broadly be categorised into the following imperatives:
a. providing the Base infrastructure and trunk engineering services necessary to support the growth in demand from expansion in Base activities;
b. replacing facilities or equipment at the end of their useful and economic life, which no longer perform to the required specification;
c. reducing ongoing maintenance costs, by installing more efficient or modern infrastructure;
d. addressing deficiencies in current operational reliability requirements;
e. improving personnel comfort and morale, this is particularly important at RAAF Base Tindal due to its remote location, and hot and humid climate;
f. providing a safer work environment, overcoming a number of Work Health and Safety risks; and
g. contributing to improved compliance with relevant Australian and Defence Standards.
Additional living-in accommodation to support deployed AEW&C personnel will also be delivered by the Project.

Project R8109 KC-30A Facilities (Component 2)
The objective of Project KC-30A Facilities Project is to increase the capacity for the KC-30A Multi Role Transport Tanker operating from RAAF Base Tindal. The upgrade to airfield and associated infrastructure enables the platform to operate effectively and efficiently.
The improved airfield infrastructure delivered by the KC-30A Facilities Project will also serve to support the Enhanced Air Cooperation by improving accessibility of United States Air Force aircraft to the Base.
The solution to the objective will aim to increase Runway 14/32 length, width, shoulders and strength. In addition a realignment and upgrade of Taxiway A, a new air movement terminal, new aircraft apron, new fuel farm and associated other infrastructure services is to be provided to efficiently operate KC-30A in addition to the existing use by 75SQN and other transiting aircraft.

Other Instructions:

Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement
The Disclaimer and Confidentiality Agreement must be completed and returned to the Tender Administrator prior to being provided the documents.

To obtain the full Tender documentation, Tenderers are to submit a signed Confidentiality Agreement as follows:

a. Click on Go to ATM Documents;
b. Download the Confidentiality Agreement;
c. Print and sign the Confidentiality Agreement;
d. Return the signed copy by email, as a scanned PDF file, to the Contact Officer (detailed on the left); and
e. The Contact Officer will provide the Tenderer with a copy of the Tender Documentation via email.

If execution of the Confidentiality Agreement is by way of authorised signatory (rather than Director and Company Secretary/Director) appropriate evidence which indicates that authority to execute the document is required to be provided. This evidence could be either a Power of Attorney, Board Resolution or similar document. 

Tenderers are to note that without the Confidentiality Agreement being returned to the Contact Officer, the complete Tender Documentation cannot be released.

Industry Briefing
An industry briefing will be conducted on 29 November 2017 at RAAF Base Tindal with timings and exact locations to be provided by the Contact Officer.

The maximum number of personnel permitted to attend the industry briefing is two (2) per Tenderer. If your company wishes to attend the industry briefing, you must notify the Contact Officer via email by 12 noon 20 November 2017 (ACT Local Time) and have already submitted a fully completed and appropriately authorised Confidentiality Agreement.

Further information regarding the industry briefing is provided in the Tender Documents.

Building Code 2016
The Building Code 2016 does apply.  
The Works described in the Tender Documents are a "public work" and therefore subject to section 18 of the Public Works Committee Act 1969 (Cth).

Conditions for Participation:

The Tenderer must at the time of submitting its Tender satisfy each condition for participation as follows:
a. the Tenderer must comply with the Building Code 2016 at the time of submitting its tender;
b. the Tenderer must not be precluded from tendering for Australian Government funded work or specifically excluded from participating in this tender process;
c. the Tenderer must complete and sign the Tender Form and Statutory Declaration; and
d. the Tenderer must complete and return the signed Confidentiality Agreement.

Timeframe for Delivery:

Planning Phase: commencing April 2018 until October 2019
Delivery Phase (if approved and extended): October 2019 until April 2022

Address for Lodgement:

Defence Mail Services

Queanbeyan Annex 6

14-22 Wycombe Street


Contact Details

Ms Wendy Renner

P: 08 8998 9224