Closed ATM View - EOI 2018-239

Scientific Data Evaluation & Regulatory Risk Assessment Services

EOI 2018-239
Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
81141801 - Safety or risk analysis
Close Date & Time:
15-Feb-2018 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Publish Date:
Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart
ATM Type:
Expression of Interest

Multi Agency Access:
Multi Agency Access Type:
All Agencies
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Multi-stage Criteria:
The APVMA is undertaking a two-stage procurement process to secure Scientific Data Evaluation and Regulatory Risk Assessment Services. The First-Stage, an Expression of Interest (EOI), will identify suitably qualified and experienced Respondents capable of providing services in accordance with the requirements of the EOI. The Second-Stage, a Request for Tender (RFT), may be issued after consideration of Proposals that were submitted in the First-Stage. The Second-Stage options available to the APVMA are: a. develop a shortlist of suppliers from Respondents to the EOI and issue an RFT to those Respondents only; or b. issue an RFT to entities that did not submit proposals in response to this EOI; or c. decide not to proceed with an RFT; or d. exercise any of its other rights, in its discretion under Part A Paragraph 8 of the EOI.


The APVMA has functions, powers and obligations under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code scheduled to the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act 1995 relating to the regulation of agricultural and veterinary chemicals up to and including the point of sale. The APVMA’s decision making is designed to be systematic, scientific and risk-based. The object of the Agvet Code is to make provision for and in relation to:

  1. the evaluation, approval and control of the supply, of active constituents for proposed or existing agricultural chemical products or veterinary chemical products;

  2. the evaluation, registration and control of the manufacture and supply, of agricultural chemical products and veterinary chemical products;

  3. the reconsideration of an active approval, chemical product/s or labels

The APVMA is seeking expressions of interest from suitability qualified and experienced organisations who will evaluate and/or regulatory risk assess data for the registration, reconsideration or project work relating to pesticides and veterinary medicines. The APVMA is looking for expertise from individuals or organisations in the disciplines of:

  1. Chemistry;
  2. Efficacy;
  3. Environment;
  4. Health and WHS; and
  5. Residues and Trade.

Respondents may express an interest for Scientific Data Evaluation and Regulatory Risk Assessment Services in one or more of these disciplines.

It is envisaged that the Scientific Data Evaluation and Regulatory Risk Assessment Services solution will be sought via a two-staged procurement process. The first stage comprises this EOI and the subsequent evaluation of Proposals. Based on that evaluation, the APVMA may shortlist one or more Respondents to participate in a subsequent Request for Tender (RFT) process before determining whether to enter into binding arrangements.


Other Instructions:


Conditions for Participation:

The following Conditions for Participation must be met by a Respondent.  The Respondent: 

  1. must exist as a legal entity as at the Closing Date;

  2. must not have been precluded from tendering for Australian Government funded work;


Timeframe for Delivery:

This is a two phase procurement process.  The First-Stage is the release of an EOI and the Second Stage is the release of an RFT.  The proposed timeframe for delivery is:
• EOI closes - 15 February 2018
• EOI Evaluation process completed -  February - April 2018
• RFT issued - April 2018
• RFT Evaluation process completed - May - June 18
• contracts/deeds offered - June - July 2018
• all contract/deeds in place - August 2018

Duration of requirement:
• initially - three years; and
• two by two year extension options.

Address for Lodgement:
Tenders for this EOI must be prepared and lodged electronically via the APVMA's Electronic Tendering Portal, at: