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DDG Training Services

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NAVY DDGTS 17/18-01
Department of Defence - DSRG
86000000 - Education and Training Services
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16-Feb-2018 12:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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Provision of services to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) to support and deliver sustainment training for the Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG).

Provision of Services to assist the RAN in training and assessing the RAN DDG technical workforce, provision of training support services for RAN DDG technical training and to allocate work responsibilities between the Commonwealth and Contractor. The key intended outcome of this work under the Contract is on-time delivery of effective and current DDG sustainment training to always meet the fleet’s capability requirements.

Other Instructions:

Parts 1-3 of this RFT (Conditions of Tender, draft Conditions of Contract and draft Statement of Work) are attached on AusTender (under 'ATM documents’).

Part 4 of this RFT (Supporting Data) is confidential and not attached. To obtain Part 4: Supporting Data, prospective tenderers must submit to the Contact Officer via email their executed Deed of Confidentiality (in the form at Appendix 1 to Part 1). Following receipt of the fully completed and executed Deed of Confidentiality, the Contact Officer will arrange for the Supporting Data to be sent to the address nominated by the prospective tenderer at paragraph 15.1(b) of their executed Deed.

An industry briefing session for this RFT will be held on 12 December 2017 at Randwick Army Barracks. See Tender Details Schedule for details. Nomination forms for attendees must be completed and returned to the Contact Officer by 10:30 am Monday 11 December 2017.

Any questions relating to this tender are to be forwarded via email to the Contact Officer nominated below. The cut-off date for questions pertaining to this tender is five (5) working days before the tender close time.

Prospective tenderers are advised that correspondence sent to the Contact Officer between 15 December 2017 and 8 January 2018 will not be responded to until 9 January 2018 at the earliest. Any questions submitted which are not responded to via an addendum prior to 19 December 2017, will not be responded to until 9 January 2018 at the earliest.

Conditions for Participation:

The Tenderer must:

• be registered as a Registered Training Organisation, as determined by the Australian Skills Quality Authority;
• tender for all of the Services. The Commonwealth will not consider a tender for part of the Services;
• tender as a single legal entity that will be the party responsible for the performance of any resultant Contract; and
• on request by the Commonwealth, comply with the Commonwealth security clearance and accreditations process as detailed in Part 2:4, 2:20 and 2:60 of the DSM, including obtaining the level of security clearance and accreditations required by the Commonwealth.

Timeframe for Delivery:

1 Oct 18 (Operative Date)

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Leon Laragy

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