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Construction of the Treloar E Large Technology Objects Store Project

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RFT 2018/0002
Australian War Memorial
72131600 - Commercial or industrial construction
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28-Nov-2017 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart
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Request for Tender

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The Project includes the construction of the Treloar E Large Technology Objects Store Project (the Project) to accommodate the planned acquisition of Large Technology Objects (LTOs).

LTO’s are primarily military aircraft and large military equipment such as battle tanks and troop movement vehicles. This is the first stage of implementing the Mitchell Precinct Development Plan following approval by the Australian War Memorial Council in 2012.

The address of the proposed Project site is 12 Callan Street, Mitchell, Australian Capital Territory.

 The Project will relieve the backlog of collections storage requirement and provide future storage in a highly efficient single level facility. The initial concept for the Treloar E storage allows for the site to be developed to maximise its potential as a storage facility for large items.

 The objectives established by the Australian War Memorial are:

 a. Complete the Project within the allocated capital budget;

 b. Design and construct a facility which minimises the whole of life costs

c. Design and construct a facility that maximises the inter-connection with the other Treloar facilities in compliance with the Mitchell Precinct Development Plan;

 d. Maximise the collections storage area for the amount of land developed;

 e. Complete the Project by 31 December 2018; and

 f. Complete the construction without any lost time injuries.




Other Instructions:

The Head Contractor shall:

 a. construct the Works as set out in the drawings, specifications and supporting documents;

 b. control, coordinate, administer and direct all activities necessary for the planning, procurement, construction and commissioning of the Works;

 c. at all times maintain a Works Program in the form of a Gantt Chart;

 d. each month prepare a month by month forecast cash flow for the delivery of the works;

 e. prepare monthly progress reports (as described in Section 3.2) including program status reports as required by the Superintendent;

 f. Attend meetings with the Memorial and project stakeholders as required by the Superintendent; and,

 g. Comply with all Commonwealth Government and Memorial policies that are applicable to the Project and/or the Head Contractor’s role, including the Building Code 2016.



Conditions for Participation:

The tender is required to exist as a legal entity at the closing time.




Timeframe for Delivery:

 Facility to be completed and handed to Memorial - Friday 21st December 2018





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Contact Details

Project Manager

P: 0000 0000