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Land C3 Program Brief To Industry - Land 200 Phase 3 - Battlefield Command Systems (Tranche 3)

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Land C3 - SO1 Integration

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19-Oct-2018 4:30 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Industry Briefing

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The Land C3 Program will provide a brief to industry on the Land 200 Battlefield Command Systems (BCS) program and the objectives of Land 200 Phase 3 on 04 September between 0830h-0950h.

Defence will present project details to industry and conduct one on one meetings in conjunction with the Land Environmental Working Group and Land Forces Conference in Adelaide in September 2018. The purpose of the brief and meetings is to provide industry attendees with accurate and consistent information including an overview of the project scope and objectives. The Commonwealth intends to gather information, and analyse industry capability and capacity to provide support to Land 200 Phase 3, including development, manufacture, integration, supply, adaptation, sustainment and disposal of the BCS. This will also provide an overview of how Defence intends to foster a more productive and enduring relationship with industry as a partner for the BCS capability.

Land 200 Phase 3 is scoped to deliver the ADF the following capability elements:
• Expansion of the BCS across Army and to select Navy and Air Force elements
• A Beyond-Line-of-Sight Communications capability
• Dismounted BCS capability (including hardware and communication equipment, not including BMS software)
• Radio modernisation
• A data interface with Joint and Coalition systems
• Technology refresh

Estimated Value:
• Acquisition: $1B – $2B (Middle of band)
• Sustainment: $60-90m annually averaged over 15 years

The brief will be unclassified and a separate opportunity for one-on-one discussions will be available.

Other Instructions:

The presentation will be provided as a LEWG agenda item at the Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, SA. Refer to the LEWG agenda for current timings.

Business representatives expressing an interest in a private discussion session with the LC3 Program staff are to complete and submit the registration form. Discussion sessions will be limited to 20 minutes.

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Timeframe for Delivery:

The LC3 Program Land 200 brief will be conducted on 04 September 2018.

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Registration for a LC3 discussion session is to be submitted via email to NLT 24 Aug 2018, 4:30pm (AEDT).

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Land C3 - SO1 Integration

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