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RAAF Plan Jericho ThinkCamp

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Shafeen Mustaq

P: (04) 3159 4522


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80101504 - Strategic planning consultation services
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21-May-2018 10:00 am (ACT Local Time)
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The key premise of this ThinkCamp event is to co-design and develop ideas that will enable us to frame innovation pathways that could be used to seek the next set of capabilities that will provide us with advantage and accelerate RAAF’s transformation into a fifth-generation Air Force. The process that will be used during the ThinkCamp will be highly collaborative and rapid. The objective of this event is to use the power of a collaborative approach between industry, academia and Defence to create a vision of potential futures for Air Force that no single participant or actor in the system could have designed alone.

Conditions for Participation:

The size of this workshop will be capped at 70 participants. If the activity is oversubscribed, the number of participants from each organisation will be capped so respondents are requested to prioritise their nominees.

The respondent’s participation in this process, or in relation to any matter concerning this workshop, is at the respondent’s own risk and cost. The Commonwealth will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by any respondent in preparation or lodgement of a response to this EOI.

To the extent permitted by law, no binding contract (including a process contract) or other understanding (including any form of contractual, quasi-contractual or restitutionary rights, or rights based upon similar legal or equitable grounds) will exist between the Commonwealth and a respondent unless and until a contract is signed by the Commonwealth and the successful respondent following any subsequent procurement process.

Participants must complete and submit the following;

  • A completed information form (Table 1 at annex A),
  • an up to date CV,
  • and a written response to the questions below

- What you want to get out of ThinkCamp?

- What you’ll bring as a participant?

The response to these questions must NOT exceed one A4 page (using 12 point font) and must be provided in either Microsoft word or PDF format.

Responses must be received not later than 10:00, 21 May 2018

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Contact Details

Shafeen Mustaq

P: (04) 3159 4522