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End User Support Services for National Deskside Support, Service Desk, and Service Integration Management Services

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Ms Jennifer Hill

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RFT 1128
Department of Defence - DSRG
81110000 - Computer services
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11-Dec-2017 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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All Agencies
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Defence is conducting an open approach to market to procure ICT end user support services for Defence staff, military bases, offices and locations across Australia.

The Services in this RFT are divided into the following (each a Service Tower):
a. National Deskside Support Services;
b. Service Desk Services; and
c. SIAM Services

Other Instructions:

An industry briefing was conducted by Defence at 2pm on July 20, 2017 in the Adams Auditorium at the Defence Force Academy in Campbell Canberra, ACT 2017.  Tenderers can email the Contact Officer to get a copy of that Industry Briefing if they did not attend this industry briefing.

Conditions for Participation:

There are no Conditions for Participation in this RFT for which failure to comply will lead to the exclusion of the Tenderer from this RFT process. 

However, Tenderers will be expected to adhere to the following Minimum Content and Format Requirements:

1.  The Tender (including all attachments, annexes and supporting documentation) must be written in English as set out in clause 2.2.1 of the Conditions of Tender

2.      The Tender must include a duly executed PDF copy of the Tenderer Declaration which is substantially in the form of the document set out in Appendix 2 of Response Volume 1 (Tenderer Details)

3.      The Tenderer must nominate and tender for only one Option in accordance with clause 1.1.8 of the Conditions of Tender. The Options include:

Option 1 – National Deskside Support Services, Service Desk Services and SIAM Services; or

Option 2 – National Deskside Support Services and Service Desk Services only (that is, excluding SIAM Services); or

Option 3 – National Deskside Support Services only; or

Option 4 – Service Desk Services only; or

Option 5 – Service Desk Services and SIAM Services only (that is, excluding National Deskside Support Services).



Timeframe for Delivery:

Initial term of three years with contract option periods of 1 x 36 months and 2 x 24 months which may be exercised at the discretion of Defence in any order provided that the total duration of all Contract Option Periods will not exceed seven years in aggregate. If all Contract Options are fully exercised, the Term will be a period of 10 years.



Address for Lodgement:
Tenders must be lodged electronically via AusTender ( before the Closing Time in accordance with the tender lodgement procedures set out in the RFT, in the Tender Details Schedule and on AusTender.

Contact Details

Ms Jennifer Hill

P: 02 6144 4073