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Damascus Barracks Civil Works

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Nicholas Lewin

P: 07 3231 1438


Department of Defence - DSRG
81101500 - Civil engineering
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27-Mar-2019 12:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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This project involves the following:

Road Repairs:
• The sub-surface repair and resurfacing of sealed roadways across the Damascus Barracks site.
• A portion of the existing road materials is to remain, with the new design pavement materials being placed on top. Due to this, the existing pavement level will be raised from between 300mm and 550mm (the level raised varies between the borehole locations).

Fence Upgrades
• A portion of the fencing along the western boundary and another portion of fencing along the eastern boundary is in a new condition and is of a suitable fence type. This fence is to remain in place.
• Where existing fence is in poor condition or of an unsuitable fence type, the existing fence is to be removed and a new Class 2 chainmesh perimeter fence is to be installed. This includes the installation of 3 new vehicle double gates.

Other Instructions:

The tender documents (including Contract) are attached on AusTender (under ‘Go to ATM documents’).

The scopes of works and associated documents have not been attached. To obtain the full scope of works documentation, tenderers are to submit a signed Confidentiality Agreement as follows:
1. Click on Go to ATM Documents
2. Download the tender documents
3. Go to Confidentiality Agreement
4. Print and sign the Confidentiality Agreement
5. Return the signed copy by email, as a scanned PDF file, to the Contact Officer / PDS Contractor noted below

Tenderers are to note that without the Confidentiality Agreement being returned to the Contact Officer / PDS Contractor, the complete Scope of Works cannot be released.

Any questions relating to this tender are to be forwarded via email to the Contact Officer / PDS Contractor nominated below.
The cut-off date for questions pertaining to this tender is seven (7) days before the tender close date.

Industry Briefing: Refer to Part 2, Tender Particulars of the Tender Conditions.

Conditions for Participation:

The Tenderer must at the time of submitting its Tender satisfy each condition for participation as follows:
• The Tenderer must comply with the Building Code 2016 at the time of submitting its registration of interest or if no registration of interest was submitted, at the time of submitting its tender.
• The Tenderer must not be precluded from tendering for Australian Government funded work or specifically excluded from participating in this tender process.
• The tenderer must complete and sign the Tender Form and Statutory Declaration.
• The tenderer must complete and return the signed Confidentiality Agreement.

Timeframe for Delivery:


Within 19 Weeks after the commencement of work on Site.


Address for Lodgement:

Contact Details

Nicholas Lewin

P: 07 3231 1438