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Design and implement a monitoring program to assess social and ecological benefits of the Reef Protection Program

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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
77101600 - Environment planning
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 This Approach to Market (ATM) is for the provision of: Design and implementation of a monitoring program to assess the social and ecological benefits of the Reef protection program (moorings and no anchoring areas)

 A consultant is required to design and deliver a monitoring program that can measure (quantitatively and/or qualitatively) the ecological and social benefits of the Reef Protection program (public moorings and no anchoring areas) in the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

To be considered, suppliers must, in addition to this form, provide a Project Delivery Strategy/Plan including and addressing the following:


    1. The design of an ecological and social monitoring program (to incorporate Before, After, Control, Impacts – BACI) that capitalises on the unique opportunity to undertake baseline monitoring pre- and post-installation of the proposed public moorings and no-anchoring areas offshore Mackay.

    2. Provides clarity and justification of the monitoring protocol proposed, noting what variables it will take into account and how it will differentiate the impacts caused by anchor damage from those from other causes (i.e. storm damage). Note that Field Management Program (FMP) uses the RHIS (Reef Health and Impact Survey) methodology for reef health reporting, however this may not be the most suitable method for the ecological component of this project. Include justification of why RHIS was/was not considered suitable.

    3. Identify and discuss the ecological and social questions that the monitoring protocol will address and their relevance to the program.

    4. A schedule for the program capturing the expected frequency and timing of the monitoring program.

    5. An itemised budget that provides separate estimates for:

      • The cost of the delivering the monitoring program, noting separate lines for personal, travel and costs specific to implementing the program design (not including vessel platform costs).

      • The cost of the above plus providing or chartering a vessel platform should it be required to conduct the in-field ecological monitoring. (see Scope of works note 2.4 below)


Once contracted the consultant must initially complete a world-wide literature review on the effectiveness of moorings and no-anchoring areas in protecting the ecological and social values of sensitive ecosystems (coral reefs included).


Other Instructions:

As per details provided in attached ATM document. It is highly recommended that potential tenderers familiarise themselves with the complete content of this ATM document prior to lodgement.

Conditions for Participation:

As per details in attached ATM document

Timeframe for Delivery:

As per Key Dates and Times in A.A.1 on page 2 of 28 of the attached ATM document.

Address for Lodgement:
As per details in A.A.4 on page 8 of 28 in attached document. Electronic lodgment via applies.

Contact Details


P: 07 47500741