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A9066 ITR DSC - Swartz Barracks - Oakey QLD

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Sam Dunning (KPMG)

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Department of Defence - DSRG
72100000 - Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services
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14-Aug-2018 12:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Expression of Interest

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Multi-stage Criteria:
Two-stage procurement process - Request for Tender for successful Expression of Interest Apllicants.


The services include design and related services in respect of the following works:


ICT Upgrade – infrastructure to support Army Aviation training, particularly flight management systems. Specific actions include:


  • Provide five (5) new Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) endorsed pits to replace unserviceable ones

  • Replace 108 pit lids with new SCEC endorsed ones
  • Replace copper cabling with fibre optic.

Electrical System Upgrade - services to support Base operations. Specific actions include:

  • Restore ISS2 to serviceable condition

  • Upgrade ISS2 – replacement of HV protection relays and auxiliary power, external building to house auxiliary power and switchboard, inclusion of DESN/PCMS cubicle

  • Extend ISS2 switchboard by one panel and install an interconnector cable between ISS1 and ISS2

  • Verify unknown cable details, replace cables to prevent overloads, update documentation and re-evaluate adequacy of cable protection

  • Replace ring mains cables that are non-compliant with Manual of Infrastructure Engineering – Electrical (MIEE)

  • Replace substation 17

  • Rebuild indoor substation 18

  • Replace 13 substations of MIEE non-compliant equipment layout, size or extensibility. Install surge protectors on two transformers

  • Replace Substations 02 and 07, replace Ring Main Units (RMU) of substations 18 and 20, repair RMUs of substations 06 and 10

  • Provide adequate fire protection around four substations

  • Install a site-wide PCMS for connection to RMUs

  • Upgrade kiosk substation Low Voltage ends

Replace four non-compliant switchboards.


Stormwater Upgrade – infrastructure to minimise flooding risk at Base. Specific actions include:

  • Repair/replace culverts/headwalls in poor condition

  • Repair structures (i.e. culverts/headwalls/outlets) identified as being in fair condition

  • Repair/replace section of underground network identified as being in poor condition

  • Repair/replace sections of underground pipe network in fair condition

  • Undertake a flood mitigation strategy to improve capacity and compliance at the Base.


Other Instructions:

WHS Accreditation Scheme

The WHS Accreditation Scheme pursuant to the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act 2016 (Cth) does not apply.  Further information regarding the WHS Accreditation Scheme is provided in the Invitation to Register Interest.

Indigenous Procurement Policy

The Australian Government's new Indigenous Procurement Policy took effect on 1 July 2015.  If relevant, further information regarding the Indigenous Procurement Policy is provided in the Invitation to Register Interest.

Joint Bids

The Commonwealth does offer applicants an opportunity to lodge a Registration of Interest on a Joint Bid Basis.  Further information regarding Joint Bids is provided in the Invitation to Register Interest.


The works described in the Invitation to Register Interest are a "public work" and therefore subject to section 18 of the Public Works Committee Act 1969 (Cth).

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria are described in the Invitation to Register Interest.

Minimum Form and Content Requirements

The minimum form and content requirements are described in the Invitation to Register Interest. 

Conditions for Participation

The conditions for participation are described in the Invitation to Register Interest.


Conditions for Participation:

The conditions for participation are described in the Invitation to Register Interest.

Timeframe for Delivery:


The award date for the contract is anticipated to be in or about December 2018, with completion in or about March 2020.


Estimated Value (AUD):
From $25,000,000.00 to $35,000,000.00
Address for Lodgement:
AZ6108 Defence Mail Services Queanbeyan Annex 6 14-22 Wycombe Street Queanbeyan NSW 2620

Contact Details

Sam Dunning (KPMG)

P: 07 3434 9197

M: 0409 379591