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Caretaking Services at Low Isles

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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
77110000 - Environmental protection
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31-May-2018 3:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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Essential Requirements


  1. Potential suppliers must be capable of providing to the Customer Caretaking Services at Low Isles 7 days per week, 365/366 days per year.

  2. Potential suppliers must be prepared to live at Low Isles during the term of the Contract, and because of the nature of the work, a potential supplier must not hold other full-time paid employment for this live-in position.

  3. Potential suppliers must be capable of providing the Services listed below in Item 4 of this Clause A.A.2.

  4. Potential suppliers must demonstrate that they possess a high level of integrity and discretion, particularly when dealing with details of Services performed, which may be sensitive in nature.

  5. Potential suppliers must demonstrate people management, engagement and communication skills including diplomacy and skilled negotiating with people of various backgrounds including non-English speaking tourists.

  6. Potential suppliers must have and maintain current First Aid qualifications.


Other Instructions:


Non-essential Requirements


  1. Potential suppliers should have knowledge of the values of Low Isles, including the natural values, the importance to Traditional Owners, other heritage values, the scientific values and the importance as a tourism and recreation destination.

  2. Potential suppliers should have boat handling experience.

  3. Potential suppliers should have experience in emergency responses to incidents such as boat groundings, marine animal strandings, oil spills, storms and cyclones.

  4. Potential suppliers should have the ability to conduct weather observations in accordance with the Bureau of Meteorology requirements and procedures, which may include:


  • Taking meteorology observations and reporting them to the Bureau of Meteorology.

  • Maintaining on site equipment.

  • Ensuring observations are to required standards.

  • Performing observations as required by the Bureau of Meteorology.


Conditions for Participation:

As outlined in the attached Approach to Market Document. Potential tenderers should also familiarise themselves with the 'Mandatory conditions for Participation' in Item 1 of Clause A.A.2 in the Approach to Market Document.

Timeframe for Delivery:

As outlined in the attached Approach to Market Document. Note in particular 'Key Dates and Times' in A.A.1 on page 2.

Address for Lodgement:
For electronic lodgment only on AusTender at Refer to lodgement method in attached ATM document in particular.

Contact Details


P: 07 47500700