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Inclusion of Lead Consultants on PFC Panel SON3384483

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PFAS 2017/18 44
Department of Defence - DSRG
77100000 - Environmental management
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14-Nov-2017 4:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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The Commonwealth and other organisations in Australia and around the world have used aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) since the 1970s to suppress liquid fuel fires.  The historical use of AFFF across the Defence estate since the 1970’s has resulted in per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination of the Defence estate, with investigations at some Defence properties showing that the contamination has moved to adjacent lands.

Defence is proactively responding to this contamination by implementing a national PFAS Investigation and Management Program to investigate the effects of historical AFFF usage around some Defence sites and surrounding areas with the aim of carrying out a comprehensive approach to managing the contamination impact.

To support this program Defence in October last year established the PFC Environmental Panel (SON3384483) to provide (i) site investigation services and (ii) site auditor and technical adviser services in relation to perfluorinated compounds for a number of Defence locations across Australia.  

The purpose of this Approach to Market (ATM) is to add additional site investigation service providers to the PFC Environmental Panel (please note site auditor and technical adviser services are not being sought through this ATM).

Other Instructions:

It should be noted that Defence is seeking companies with relevent experience, skills and capability in conducting Site Investigation Services that are focussed on characterising sources of contamination (i.e. the use, storage and waste management of historical AFFF products and practises on the Defence property) and possible connections between potential contamination to humans, the human food chain or ecology.  

Tenderers are to demonstrate their ability to provide comprehensive investigations of nominated properties and surrounding areas for the identification of potential sources of PFAS contamination associated with the former practices, storage and waste management of historical AFFF products.  Tenderers will need to demonstrate their ability in conducting investigations that identify, confirm and/or characterise the nature and migration of the potential PFAS contamination both laterally and vertically to the extent necessary to understand the risk to receptors.  Tenderers are to also demonstrate their capability to assist Defence in ensuring stakeholders are appropriately informed and proactively engaged through a considered and appropriate Community and Stakeholder Engagement Program implemented throughout the investigation.

Conditions for Participation:

The Commonwealth will exclude a tender from further consideration if the Commonwealth considers that the tenderer does not comply with any one or more of the following conditions for participation:

a. the tenderer has confirmed that there are no unpaid judgment debts outstanding in relation to the organisation; 

b. the tenderer has evidenced an ability to hold the required insurances or achieve the requested level of insurance as follow: 

• Workers Compensation – As required by law in each jurisdiction applied for;

• Public Liability - $20m;

• Professional Indemnity - $10m; and

c. the tenderer has:

(i) evidenced a Quality Management System operating within their organisation;

(ii) evidenced a WHS Management System operating within their organisation; and

(iii) evidenced an Environmental Management System operating within their organisation.

Timeframe for Delivery:

The PFC Environmental Panel (SON3384483) Standing Offer Panel was established in October 2016 for an initial period of three (3) years.

Address for Lodgement:
Tender responses are to be lodged through AusTender at:

Contact Details

PFAS Procurement

P: 0438 401 021