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DIBP RFT 03/17
Department of Home Affairs
72100000 - Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services
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5-May-2017 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

APP Reference:
DIBP APP 16/17-030
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The Department is proposing to redevelop the Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre (YHIDC) in Northam Western Australia. YHIDC was opened in 2012 and is located approximately 90km east of Perth and 5km from the town centre of Northam WA.

The current facility consists of four accommodation compounds, YHIDC Eagle, YHIDC Swan, YHIDC Falcon and YHIDC Hawk, each with shared amenities along with associated support buildings, infrastructure and various physical and operational security measures. There is an existing central access spine running north to south providing a distinct separation between YHIDC Eagle and YHIDC Swan which are west of the spine, and YHIDC Falcon and YHIDC Hawk which is east of the spine. The redevelopment will take place west of the spine in the YHIDC Eagle and YHIDC Swan location. The project will take place in an operational site and include two construction stages. Stage one will need to be completed before stage two can commence. Compounds associated with each phase will be fully decanted before construction. The facility will remain operational during both phases of construction.

When completed, the redeveloped facility will provide 120 new beds (constructed from modular accommodation) along with associated support buildings, infrastructure and various physical security measures.

Other Instructions:

There will be a mandatory site briefing session.

Conditions for Participation:

Tenderers must meet the following Conditions of Participation in order to participate in the tender process:

(a) the Tenderer must not be named by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency as an employer currently not complying with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Cth), unless the Tenderer has obtained a letter of compliance from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and attaches this letter to its Tender or provides this letter to the Department separately prior to Closing Time;

(b) the Tenderer must confirm that, to the best of its knowledge after making diligent enquiry, neither it, nor its Subcontractors are currently engaging Illegal Workers;

(c) the Tenderer and its proposed Subcontractors are not listed as terrorists under section 15 of the Charter of the United Nations Act 1945 (Cth); and

(d) the Tenderer must confirm that neither it, nor any proposed Subcontractor, has a judicial decision against it relating to employee entitlements that is not under appeal or unpaid.

Timeframe for Delivery:

12 months

Address for Lodgement:
Electronic lodgement via AusTender at

Contact Details

Niels Donkervoort

P: +61 (0) 416 856 608