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Health- and Pharmaco-economic National Technical Services

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Dr Moses Mutie

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RFT 1718-01
Cancer Australia
85101700 - Health administration services
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11-Jul-2018 5:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart
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Request for Tender

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This procurement seeks to contract a Health- and Pharmaco-economics National Technical Service to provide Multi-site Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Groups (CTGs) supported by Cancer Australia through the Support for Cancer Clinical Trials program, with access to high quality, expert advice and technical support services relating to the inclusion of health- and pharmaco-economic measures or sub-studies into industry-independent cancer clinical trial protocols developed by the CTGs between 1 July 2018 – 30 June 2021.
The service provider, as Cancer Australia’s Health- and Pharmaco-economics National Technical Service, will be required to provide, but is not limited to, the following minimum services to the CTGs supported by Cancer Australia:
• Direct engagement of the CTGs through a minimum of one face-to-face meeting/teleconference per annum with each CTG;
• Provide expert advice, support and develop  health- and pharmaco-economic measures or sub-studies for inclusion into existing and new industry-independent clinical trial protocols developed by the CTGs, where appropriate;
• Provide expert advice on data collection, analysis and reporting of health- and pharmaco-economics elements of cancer clinical trials to the CTGs;
• Build and improve the capacity of CTG staff and members to develop and undertake activities that assist with the inclusion of health- and pharmaco-economics measures/sub-studies in cancer clinical trial protocols and the subsequent data collection, analysis and reporting of findings.

Other Instructions:

Tenderers are required to provide a detailed proposal to address the requirement including the delivery methodology and highlight any competitive advantage or special or unique features of the proposal.  The proposal should indicate timeframes where relevant for the delivery of services and key performance indicators. The proposal should further identify any critical issues or delivery risks and outline the risk management strategy. Tenderers should further provide evidence of the organisation’s and named personnel’s capability and capacity to deliver on the requirement and include evidence of previous performance against a similar requirement.  Tenderers should also provide details of the availability of the named personnel, their role and their estimated time commitment to achieving the proposal.  Details of any back-up plans for staffing should also be included as part of the risk management strategy.

Tenderers should include a detailed budget for each key milestone of the proposal for each financial year that does not exceed $330,000 GST-exclusive per annum.

Please note:
In providing these services the Health- and Pharmaco-economics National Technical Services will be required to establish collaborative relationships with other National Technical Services funded by Cancer Australia.
Funding will not be provided for the conduct and analysis of health- and pharmaco-economic sub-studies or clinical trials. It is expected that the conduct of health- and pharmaco-economic sub-studies or clinical trials will be supported by funding obtained through competitive grant applications or from philanthropic donations.

Tenders may be submitted by a single organisation or a consortium.

A Tender submitted by a consortium will only be considered if:
• A lead agency is identified to enter into the  contractual relationship;
• The Tender clearly specifies the details of all members of the consortium; and
• A single point of contact for the consortium is specified.

Conditions for Participation:

Mandatory Conditions of Participation
The Customer will exclude from consideration any Response that does not meet the following Mandatory Conditions for Participation:

Conditions of participation
1. For legal and accountability reasons, only incorporated bodies can enter into a Contract with the Australian Government.  It is not necessary for the respondent to become a company limited by guarantee or a separately incorporated body.  The respondent, if not an incorporated body, may nominate an incorporated body to act on its behalf.  The incorporated body will receive funding payments from Cancer Australia and make these available to the respondent.
2. The service provider/incorporated body must have the capacity to comply with the conditions of the draft Contract from a commercial, financial or technical perspective.
3. Have, or be willing to maintain, if engaged the following minimum levels of insurance and indemnity coverage (on a per claim basis) and agree to maintain it for the life of the potential contract:
1. Workers Compensation to an amount required by law;
2. $10,000,000 Public Liability; and
3. $20,000,000 Professional Indemnity.
Minimum Content and Format Requirements
1. Quotations must have been approved by signature of an officer authorised to bind the company/organisation;
2. Quotations must be written in English, measurement must be expressed in Australian legal units of measure and any prices quoted must be in Australian dollars;
3. All prices, fees and charges are to include GST (if applicable).

Timeframe for Delivery:

1 August 2018 – 30 June 2021

Estimated Value (AUD):
From - to $330,000.00
Address for Lodgement:

AusTender at, in accordance with instructions in Request documentation

Contact Details

Dr Moses Mutie

P: 02 6217 9816