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Alternative Education Equivalency Scheme (AEES)

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86000000 - Education and Training Services
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21-Jun-2018 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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The Department of Defence is seeking tenders from appropriately skilled and experienced organisations to provide Defence Force Recruiting (DFR) with alternative educational equivalency information on candidates who cannot provide formal evidence of, or who do not possess the educational standards required for entry into the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Defence Force Recruiting (DFR), as part of its responsibilities for the provision of recruiting services to the Australian Defence Force (ADF), receives applications for entry to the ADF from candidates who are unable to provide evidence of their educational attainment, or do not have the required education standard.  In such cases, if the employment category the candidate seeks requires specific educational attainment, their application may be referred to the Alternative Education Equivalency Scheme (AEES).

The AEES was developed as a way for Defence to assess the potential of candidates who do not have the formal education attainment certificates or are of a mature age and may not have the formal education standard required for the avenue of entry they are interested in for acceptance into the Australia Defence Force (ADF).

The AEES is a series of tests used to assess candidate competency against secondary educational standards.

This scheme comprises:

a. testing and assessment services provided on a National basis;

b. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment services; and

c. an online website and candidate booking system.

Conditions for Participation:

The Commonwealth will exclude a tender from further consideration if the Commonwealth considers that:

a. the tenderer does not comply with the Commonwealth’s security requirements set out in clause 1.16, and Conditions of Contract clause 8.9; or

b. the tenderer is unable to deliver all Services on a national basis; or

c. the tender is not lodged in accordance with clause 1.14; or

d. the tenderer is unable to demonstrate confirmation of Registered Training Organisation (RTO) status with the authority to issue Certificates of Equivalency for the NSW Secondary Education Curriculum.

Timeframe for Delivery:

The draft Conditions of Contract stipulates that the contract expires two years from the Effective Date and with a possible one year extension period of one year.


Address for Lodgement:
Tender responses are to be submitted electronically via the AusTender website

Contact Details

Assistant Director Contract Management

P: 0