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Private Hospital Services

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Department of Veterans' Affairs
85100000 - Comprehensive health services
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DVA is seeking the provision of Private Hospital services for Entitled Persons by publishing this Invitation to Provide Private Hospital Services to the Veteran Community.


 DVA serves Australia’s veteran community, through the provision of programmes of care, compensation and commemoration. 




DVA’s aim is to secure high quality private hospital care for Entitled Persons delivered for a fair price, at the most convenient locations for Entitled Persons.  As the veteran community ages, their capacity to access a wider range of care appropriate to their needs is increasingly important.  Managing emerging and different needs of contemporary veterans is also a priority.  DVA also aims to continually improve the quality and safety of services, and the health outcomes for DVA clients, through the purchase of evidence-based treatment services.




DVA’s New Approach to Contracting for Private Hospital Services


In the past DVA contracted with Private Hospitals for services to Entitled Persons through a Request for Tenders (RFT). 


The current process that DVA is engaging in with Private Hospital providers is not an RFT.


DVA has introduced new arrangements for providers to contract with DVA. This is a simplified contracting model that DVA is using to facilitate engagement with suitably qualified providers.




A summary of the key features of the new arrangements are:


  1. maximising the numbers of participating providers to achieve wide access to private hospitals services for the veteran community;

  2. there is no competition, all qualified providers can participate;

  3. while providers are required to submit the fee tables, there is no requirement for tender submission or evaluation of tenders;

  4. providers self-certify their compliance with DVA’s terms and conditions of the Hospital Services Agreement;

  5. providers can enter into the Hospital Services Agreement at any time and the Hospital Services Agreement will continue until DVA ends the arrangements or the Contracting Entity exits the arrangements with DVA; and

  6. negotiation only on fees to ensure value for money.


Conditions for Participation:

Refer to documentation

Timeframe for Delivery:

Until DVA terminates the arrangements

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Contact Details

Project Manager

P: 000000000